QUANTUM MP60 Nargesa Industrial Power Hammer

QUANTUM MP60 Nargesa Industrial Power Hammer

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The Quantum MP60 Nargesa Power Hammers, are manufactured in welded and mechanized steel sheet. It is used in many blacksmith workshops to make all kinds of parts for the ornamental forging, which eases the job of molding hot iron. Different tools are used with it to inlay, mold, give shape, cut, pierce, riveting and embossing, etc all kinds of metal. The Power Hammer Quantum MP60 Nargesa works by two cylinders, one at the back and another one at the front which is the one that impulses the stem for the stroke. The motor for the Power Hammer moves the rod of the back cylinder or compressor and the compressed air goes to the front cylinder through the valves that control the stroke displacement. Compressor incorporated: No need for any external compressor. Frame made of welded and mechanized steel, it isn't made of casting. Automatic greasing system. Cylinders made of GG2I to ensure a good performance. Orientable cylinder to ease up the operative's work. Front protection against any projections. Protection for the driving pedal. Electric protection of the engine. Emergency stop. Moulds made of a special steel to stand big impacts at quite high temperatures. Great variety of tooling and exchangeable moulds. (For more information, see Tooling) Manufacturing of tooling as requested. In order to accomplish an optimum result at the different jobs, it is very important to have a good temperature in the piece to be shaped. Forging furnaces Nargesa H1, H2 and H3 are manufactured to reach these high temperatures for making a correct job. OPTIONAL ITEMS: See Photos - CALL FOR PRICE ITEM: Nargesa Industrial Power Hammer MANUFACTURER: QUANTUM MODEL: MP60


Stock NumberMP60
Nominal dropping weight132 lbs. / 60 kg.
Strokes per minute220
Strokes max. displacement9" / 230mm
Max. round working capacity2.75" / 70mm
Max. square working capacity2.35" x 2.35" / 60x60mm
Electrical220V / 3 PHASE / 60HZ (optional: 480V / 3PH / 60Hz)
Dimensions35.4" x 63" x 63"
Weight:2,650 lbs.