BEVELER USA Dock Station with B15 ELECTRA 110V, 1PH Set

BEVELER USA Dock Station with B15 ELECTRA 110V, 1PH Set


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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer BEVELER USA Dock Station with B15 ELECTRA 110V, 1PH Set Dock station B-Dock + B15 ELECTRA set Edge rounding function, beveling of pipes - High Performance Motor And Gearbox Fein Power Tools (Maximum bevel width 5 mm / 0.2 in) Dock station B-Dock enables the B15 Electra to be used stationary. It is deigned for beveling small workpieces which would be hard or impossible to clamp and bevel the standard way. The system retains all advantages of the hand-held machine B15 Electra. The B-Dock system makes it possible to bevel irregular shapes, straight workpieces and holes. Radiuses edges are also possible with the radius milling head. Specialty guide attachments and an easy, vertical worktable adjustment allow for beveling of pipe and tube. By purchasing the set B-Dock + B15 Electra you are getting a universal beveling system. The B15 Electra can be used independently from the B-Dock as a hand-held beveling machine. Tilting table for easy attachment of B15 Electra Vertical position of the table for convenient pipe beveling Straight edge and pipe guide attachments included in the price Adjustable protection shield increases work safety Robust design insures precision beveling and durability of the B-Dock The Hardox work sufrace is wear resistant Light weight system is easy to transport Can be used with B15 Electra or B10 Electra machines B15 ELECTRA (Maximum bevel width 15 mm / 0.6 in) Designed for beveling and deburring of workpieces, internal and external radiuses and holes. Specially designed for producing bevels and welding preparation. Powerful electric drive for extreme loads. Scale for accurate bevel size adjustment For beveling and deburring steel, aluminium and other materials Replaceable head for changing bevel angle Hand held powerful equipment Swivelling ergonomic handle Edge rounding function, preparation before surface treatment. Manufactured in Czech Republic, with a high performance German manufactured the motor. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Dock station B-Dock Bevelling and deburring system B15 ELECTRA Operating tools Carton box packaging User manual WITHOUT HEAD! Select the desired head angle (See Optional Items) ITEM: Dock Station with B15 ELECTRA 110V, 1PH Set MANUFACTURER: BEVELER USA MODEL: B-DOCK + B15 ELECTRA PART# 25253 PART # ITEM 27223 30° MILLING HEAD 27227 37,5° MILLING HEAD 27222 45° MILLING HEAD 27224 50° MILLING HEAD 27240 60° MILLING HEAD 27233 MILLING HEAD RADIUS R 3,5mm 27234 MILLING HEAD RADIUS 2,5 mm 27xxx NON STANDARD ANGLE OF MILLING HEAD 27231 INSERTS(10pcs) 26109 INSERTS RADIUS R2,5mm (10pcs) 26110 INSERTS RADIUS R3,5 mm (10pcs) 26111 INSERTS RADIUS R4mm (10pcs) 25250_16 Screw for the impeler / guding roll - to clamp the head on B10 and B15 ELECTRA machines 25250_16L Screw for the impeler overlapping - set screw + expansion washer 27241 Screw for the cutting inserts 27242 Screw for the radius / rounding inserts 18654 Mag Brush - collects all magnetic – working lenght 300 mm / 11.8 in NMF0107 MAG BRUSH MAXX LARGE


ManufacturerBeveler USA
Stock NumberB-DOCK + B15 ELECTRA
Max. bevel width B-Dock + B15 Electra:0 to 0.2 in / 0 to 5 mm
Max. bevel width B15 Electra without B-Dock:0 to 0.6 in / 0 to 15 mm < 400 MPa / 58 015 PSI
Rounding app:R 0.1 in, R 0.14 in, R 0.16 in R 2,5 mm, R 3,5 mm, R 4 mm
Bevel angle:30°; 37,5°; 45°; 50°; 60° - other angles on demand
Motor2.500 W
Speed6600 rpm
Overload protection:thermal
Weight B10 Electra:9,5 kg / 20.9 lb
Weight B-Dock:28 kg / 62 lb
Dimensions:443 x 368 x 220 mm / 17.5 x 14.5 x 8.7 in
25253The Beveling System B-Dock + B15 Electra set (without the milling head) 110V, 1phase
25252The Beveling System B-Dock + B15 Electra set (without the milling head) 220V, 1phase
BEVEL ANGLE α°Minimal diameter of the hole in mm
30°Ø 34mm
37,5°Ø 28mm
45°Ø 28mm
50°Ø 28mm
60°Ø 27mm
R 2,5mmØ 41mm
R 3,5/4mmØ 40mm