BEVELER USA B15 ELECTRA Hand Held Beveler 110V, 1PH

BEVELER USA B15 ELECTRA Hand Held Beveler 110V, 1PH


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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer BEVELER USA B15 ELECTRA Hand Held Beveler 110V, 1PH Powerful Beveler B15 ELECTRA (max. width of bevel 0,6" / 15mm) With High Performance Motor And Gearbox Fein Power Tools The beveler B15 ELECTRA is a most powerful, heavy-duty hand held electric beveler which uses 6 indexable carbide inserts. The design allows straight edges, contours and cutouts to be beveled with ease. Works with steel, aluminium, copper, plastic and other materials. The precision dial scale allows precise adjustment of the chamfer height. Replacable the tool holder for angle 30°, 37,5°, 45°, 50°, 60° other angles on demand. High performance motor made by FEIN POWER TOOLS - high removal rate over the entire operating range with loading up to 150%. Low gear head design for tight areas. Soft-start for safe handling. Rear handle can be rotated through 4 positions. Dustproof ball bearing. Sealed electronic components. Carbon brushes with automatic switch-off function. Self-start lock STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Beveler B15 ELECTRA Needed tools for operation 1 operation manual WITHOUT HEAD! Select the desired head angle (See Optional Items) ITEM: Hand Held Beveler 110V, 1PH MANUFACTURER: BEVELER USA MODEL: B15 ELECTRA PART# 25251 PART # ITEM 27223 30° MILLING HEAD 27227 37,5° MILLING HEAD 27222 45° MILLING HEAD 27224 50° MILLING HEAD 27240 60° MILLING HEAD 27233 MILLING HEAD RADIUS R 3,5mm 27234 MILLING HEAD RADIUS 2,5 mm 27xxx NON STANDARD ANGLE OF MILLING HEAD 27231 INSERTS(10pcs) 26109 INSERTS RADIUS R2,5mm (10pcs) 26110 INSERTS RADIUS R3,5 mm (10pcs) 26111 INSERTS RADIUS R4mm (10pcs) NMF0107 MAG BRUSH MAXX LARGE


ManufacturerBeveler USA
Stock NumberB15 ELECTRA
Power input:2000 W (2500 W) (POWER FULL Motor made by FEIN TOOLS GERMANY for NKO MACHINES)
Voltage:110V/50Hz (230 V/ 50 Hz)
No Load r.p.m.:6600 RPM
Bevel width:0-0,6" / 0 - 15 mm < 58 015 PSI / 400 N/mm2; 0 - 0,3," / 0 to 8mm > 58 015 PSI / 400 N/mm2
Bevel angle:optional 30°, 37,5°, 45°, 50°, 60°, other angles on demand
Dimensions28,76" x 9,46" x 7,88"
Net Weight:20,9 lbs / 9,5 kg
Gross Weight24,26 lbs
BEVEL ANGLE α°Minimal diameter of the hole in mm
30°Ø 34mm
37,5°Ø 28mm
45°Ø 28mm
50°Ø 28mm
60°Ø 27mm
R 2,5mmØ 41mm
R 3,5/4mmØ 40mm