BAILEIGH Plate Beveler CM-12

BAILEIGH Plate Beveler CM-12


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  • Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer Baileigh Industrial is getting know for having some of the best plate beveling machines on the planet and the CM-12 is no exception. The unique “can opener” style CM-12 uses a shear blade that rotate, like a can opener to create welding-ready bevels on linear plates of any shearable material, including iron, steel (up to 85,000lbs/in² or 60kg/mm2), brass, copper and aluminum. It cuts bevels from 1/8" to 1-3/8" (3 to 30 mm) in thickness, with a minimum plate width of 2-3/8" (60 mm) and minimum plate length of 2-3/8" (60 mm).
  • Features of the CM-12
  • Incredibly silent running of the machine.
  • The beveling angle adjustable by the help of the kit for needed angle. Available are kits for 30, 45,
  • 37.5, 22.5 and 50 degrees. 30 and 45 degrees are included
  • The pressure bar unit and the piece supporting unit can be adjusted in height and are supplied with
  • visible graduated scale.
  • It can be hooked to the plate that is to be machined in either a horizontal or vertical position. The machine
  • can be inverted in order to bevel the bottom side of the plate. Both X and K bevels are possible.
  • Light weight design dictates that only one person is necessary for operation.
  • Functions as a stationary or a moveable station 

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ManufacturerBaileigh Industrial
Stock NumberCM-12
Max. Bevel Width.472"
Bevel Angle30° to 50° With optional plates, (30° and 45° are included)
Material Thickness.118" to 1.37" (3-35mm)
Min. Material Dim.2.36" x 2.36" (60mm x 60mm)
Cutting Speed5.8 f/min (1.8 m/min)
Motor.5 HP
Power220 Volt, Three Phase
Shipping Dimension (L x W x H)27" x 19" x 40"
Shipping Weight75 lbs.