BAILEIGH Three Phase Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear SH-120500-HD

BAILEIGH Three Phase Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear SH-120500-HD


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  • When cutting 1/2” mild steel plate, you need a machine that is built to last and perform day in any day out. The SH-120500-HD is just that machine. This massive machine weighs in at just over 23,000 lbs and features a frame that is all integrated and fully welded to eliminate vibrations commonly found on other models. By eliminating vibrations, it is eliminating any stress that can occur during the cutting process. The SH-120500-HD heavy duty metal shear uses only the best quality components, Schneider electrical, Rexroth hydraulic systems, and NOK seals from Japan. Running a shear of this size is not easy, but the SH-120500-HD has a large 20 hp motor that runs on 220 volt three phase.
  • At 9 strokes a minute for a 10’ plate of 1/2” mild steel the SH-120500-HD from Baileigh Industrial is great in any production environment that shears 1/2” thick steel. For even more production the SH-120500-HD features an NC controller for programming of the back gauge. This programmer is accurate to =/- .01mm and can hold up to 100 programs. Convenient rolling tables mounted on the front of the machine help with loading of materials. Gap is easily adjusted via hand wheels. Another nice feature is the shadow line postioner to help with placement of material.     

ITEM: 120" x .50" Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear MANUFACTURER: BAILEIGH MODEL: SH-120500-HD


ManufacturerBaileigh Industrial
Stock NumberSH-120500-HD
Thickness (mild steel).50"
Max. Material Thickness (Stainless Steel).250"
Blade Rake Angle.5° - 2.0°
Blade ClearanceManual Hand Wheel
Back Gauge Length31.5" (motorized)
Shear Length120"
Motor20 hp
Strokes Per Minute9
Power220V / 3-phase
Squaring Arm Length48" (Can be used on right or left side, includes 4 bump stops)
Minimum Material Thickness18 ga
Shipping Dimensions156" x 81" x 101"
Shipping Weight22,000 lbs
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