SHARP 2-Axis NC Surface Grinder SGE-1632-2NA

No longer available

SHARP 2-Axis NC Surface Grinder SGE-1632-2NA


Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer ITEM: 16" x 31" 2-Axis NC Surface Grinder MAKE: SHARP MODEL: SGE-1632-2NA


Stock NumberSGE-1632-2NA
Max. distance from table top to spindle center28"
Maximum longitudinal travel35" (900mm)
Maximum cross travel18" (460mm)
T-slot (NO x width)3 x 0.67 (3 x 17)
Auto feed range0.0001" - 0.4" (.0025-10.1 mm)
Rapid traverse feed rate10 ipm (254 mm/min)
Resolution of MPG0.0001" (0.0025mm)
Spindle speed1455/1755 rpm
Grinding wheel outside diameter x thickness12 x 2 (305 x 50)
Grinding wheel bore5 (127)
Cross feed AC servo1 HP
Vertical feed ( AC servo)0.5 HP
Weight (Approx)8,800 lbs (3200 kg)