CLAUSING Radial Drill CLC1600H


CLAUSING Radial Drill CLC1600H


Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer CLAUSING Radial Drill CLC1600H ITEM: 63" Radial Drill MANUFACTURER: CLAUSING MODEL: CLC1600H Equipped with hydraulic separate clamping unit. Vertical movement of arm is coordinated by an IC timer. With a single touch on push button switch, you can have the arm unclamped then move vertically, or stop then clamp automatically. Very easy to operate, and tools will always stay at the same point after tool shifting Gears in gear box are cooled by oil cycled by an oil pump to minimize gear wear Powerful 5 Hp, 2-speed, heavy-duty spindle drive motor Friction type disc clutch absorbs impact force caused by vertical movement of spindle, and protects all transmission units inside gear box. With quick spindle return, the clutch will help speed-up the tapping operation Special automatic tool eject device is supplied to allow you to change tools quickly. (No drifter is required) Special arm elevating device is provided to prevent arm from falling down abruptly after years of usage Coolant system CSA Electrics Standard Tool kit and manuals PART # ITEM CLS100 Large Tilt Table, 32X28X24 (CLS) CLS101 Small Tilt Table, 20X20X23 (CLS) CLS102 Extra Box Table, 39.3 x 31.5 x 19.6 (1 std on 2000H) CLS102A Extra Box Table, 23.6 x 17.5 x 14.9 (1 std on 720A - 920A) CLS102B Extra Box Table, 24.8 x 20.4 x 16.3 (1 std on 1100,1230H,1250H) CLS102C Extra Box Table, 24.8 x 19.6 x 19.6 (1 std on CLC1600H) CLS102D Extra Box Table, 27.5 x 19.6 x 15.7 (1 std on CL1600H) CLS102E Extra Box Table, 39.3 x 31.5 x 22 (1 std on 2500H) CLS-CE1 CE Electrics w/Spindle Guarding CL720-1230H CLS-CE2 CE Electrics w/Spindle Guarding CLC1250H&1600H CLS-CE3 CE Electrics w/Spindle Guarding CL1600H -2500 CLS-CSA1 CSA\UL Electrics CL720-920 CLS-CSA2 CSA\UL Electrics CL1100-1230H CLS-CSA3 CSA\UL Electrics CLC1250H-1600H CLS-CSA4 CSA\UL Electrics CL1600-2000 CLS-CSA5 CSA\UL Electrics CL2500 CLS-7 7.5Hp Main Spdl Mtr Upgrade CLC1600H (fac inst) CLS-10 10Hp Main Spdl Mtr Upgrade CL1600&2000 (fac inst) CLS-200 Auto Reverse Tapping Feature 4MT (factory installed) (not available on CLC2500) Cannot use with SPDL guard options CLS-200A Auto Reverse Tapping Feature 5MT (factory installed) (not available on CLC2500) Cannot use with SPDL guard options


Stock NumberCLC1600H
Drilling In Cast Iron2.36" (60mm)
Tapping In Steel1.57" (40mm)
Tapping In Cast Iron1.97" (50mm)
Boring In Steel4.33" (110mm)
Boring In Cast Iron6.55" (165mm)
Minimum (D)13.78" (350mm)
Spindle Head Travel (C)49.21" (1250mm)
Minimum (B)18.31" (465mm)
Arm Vertical Travel (A-B)26.77" (680mm)
Arm Rotation (Right & Left)180°
Baseplate Working Surface70.9" x 40.4" (1800 x 1026mm)
Width (K)19.7" (500mm)
Height (H)19.7" (500mm)
Height (Q)7.9" (200mm)
Spindle Stroke10.63" (270mm)
Quill Diameter3.15" (80mm)
Number of Spindle Speeds12
Spindle Speeds (rpm)56-1450
Number of Feeds3
Spindle Feed Rate in/rev. (mm/rev.)0.0023"(.06mm), 0.004"(.10mm), 0.008"(.20mm)
Spindle Drive Motor (2-speed)5 hp (3.8 Kw)
Elevating Motor1 hp (.75 Kw)
Coolant Pump Motor1/8 hp (.10 Kw)
Base and Column Height (G)86.1" (2186mm)
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)105.2" (2670mm) 44.1" (1120mm) 94.9" (2410mm)
Net Weight7,275 lbs. (3300kg)
Shipping Weight8,378 lbs. (2800kg)