AKYAPAK HCB 5X5 Column Boom System

AKYAPAK HCB 5X5 Column Boom System

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer AKYAPAK HCB 5X5 Column Boom System While Column-Boom systems can perform welding independently for any part, it may also perform circular or lengthwise welding using rotator or positioner. Welding types that can be performed by the system are SUBMERGED, MIG, MAG, TIG. Also, Column-Boom systems can be fixed or with automatic travel on rail. Column-Boom systems enables improvement of quality, reduction of manufacturing time and operator fatigue, precision and continuous welding quantity that can be realized by an operator. Akyapak Makine includes 3×3 to 9×9 Column-Boom systems in its standard lists. However, custom production can be realized up to 10 x 10 meters. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 359° Rotatable column (manual) Mobile cabled controller V type slide system for spaceless working Adjustable mlinear Boom speed Boom speed digital indicator Setting for Boom speed (fast/slow) Mechanical locking system for Boom fall Counter weight system for Boom (Elevator) Limit switch on all movements Welding power unit’s table (above the column) Motors with break Cable channels on Column – Boom Fixed on the floor system ITEM: 1,000 lbs Column Boom System MANUFACTURER: AKYAPAK MODEL: HCB 5X5 Travelling Carrier Master Control Panel Auto Rotation Column Operator Seat (With Stair, only with HCB&EHCB) Camera Monitoring System Tandem Welding Apparatus Lighting Stair Rotators PLC Control Oscillator System (only MIG/MAG) Rail (only with Travelling Carrier) SAW, MIG/MAG or TIG Weldings Joint Tracking System – Laser Joint Tracking System – Mechanical Sensor Flux Drying Systems (only SAW) Mobile Control Panel Automation Systems Special Isolations For Hazardous Environment Tandem Welding Heads (SAW) Twin Welding Heads (SAW) Twin Tandem Welding Heads (SAW) AC/DC Single Power Source (SAW) Wireless remote controller


ModelHCB 5X5
Stock NumberHCB 5X5
Max Load Capacity (kg)450kg
Min. Height Under Boom (mm)1200
Max. Height Under Boom (mm)5000
Total Height (mm)6450
Boom Min. Reach (mm)1610
Boom Max. Reach (mm)5770
Stroke B (mm)3850/4165
Boom Rear Max. Reach (mm)5350
Boom - Carrier Distance (mm)245
Rail Axe Distance (mm)2400
Lifting Speed (Up-Down) (mm/min)2340
Boom Travel Speed (mm/min)200-2000
Carrier Speed (mm/min)2000
Column Rotation Angle (deg.)360
Lifting Motor (kW)1.1
Boom/Carrier Motor (kW)0.55/0.37