ROPER WHITNEY 230V/3PH Hydraulic Squaring Shear PH-452

ROPER WHITNEY 230V/3PH Hydraulic Squaring Shear PH-452

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer ROPER WHITNEY 230V/3PH Hydraulic Squaring Shear PH-452 ITEM: 52" x 16 ga. Hydraulic Squaring Shear PH-452 PART# 191314521 - 230V/3Ph/60Hz: $10,150.00

PART# 191414521 - 460V/3Ph/60Hz: $10,150.00

PEXTO Power squaring shears provide features designed for shearing efficiently and accurately equal the demands of present day productivity. Both the air and hydraulically operated models have built-in ruggedness that will make them last for years of normal use. The shears offer triple-action shearing which includes relief on both edges of both the fixed and moving blades. The blade design eliminates blade-to-blade friction, provides "bite" to minimize sheet movement under shearing stress and produces double penetration in the cutting action. The shears will handle a 52" sheet. The PEXTO PA452 air shear combines all of the standard features of the 152K foot shear with the added convenience of air operation. The PA52 utilize heavy-duty, tie-rod pneumatic cylinders, which provide up to 40 strokes per minute in capacity materials. PEXTO's PH52 and PH452 feature compact, fully-integrated, hydraulically powered units that are ideal for many light gauge shearing application. PEXTO hydraulic power shears feature fast, smooth, oil-cushioned action. Both moving and fixed blades are shearing blades of Hi-speed steel. One piece cast shear bed is recessed for easy sheet handling. For Other Voltages available and Delivery MADE IN USA

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Precision rack and pinion back gauge a solid finger guard. The PH52 also includes front and side gauges, bevel gauges and two front arms (Optional on PA452 and PH452). Bed is machined for optional side extension squaring gauge


PART #350700193 Hi-Speed Replacement Blade (Upper & lower blades are identical - 16 lbs. shipping weight ): $415.00 PART #262006900 4 Foot Squaring Arm: $895.00 PART #135003521 Accessory Package - Includes: Front gauge, Bevel gauge, T-Bolts, Front arms


ManufacturerRoper Whitney
Stock Number191314521
Operation typeHydraulic
Maximum Shearing Capacity, Mild Steel16 ga.
Maximum Shearing Capacity, Stainless Steel20 ga.
Maximum Cutting Length52"
Back Gauge Range30"
Standard Motor2 HP, 1800 RPM, 230V/1-phase
Floor Space, Gauges in Position66" x 76" x 42"
Dimensions72" x 48" x 36"
Weight1,350 lbs.