ROPER WHITNEY Crimping & Beading Machine NO. 0585

ROPER WHITNEY Crimping & Beading Machine NO. 0585


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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer ROPER WHITNEY 20 ga. Crimping & Beading Machine NO. 0585 PART# 164005850 Pexto forming machines included in this section offer a broad variety of shapes and capabilities in forming sheet metal for a combination of uses: beading, crimping, setting down, double seaming, turning, burring, wiring, elbow edging, flanging, and flattening. All are precise in the job they do and are readily adaptable to job requirements. The roll chart is indicative of their flexibility. Most are portable and may be set up at the job with a clamp-on base. These machines include Ogee bead and crimping rolls to provide one pass combined crimping and beading. They are adjustable for deep or shallow beading and for “fade-away” crimping. By replacing the beading rolls with spacing collars (furnished), the machines can be used for crimping only. 3/8″ and 1/2″ Single Bead Rolls are available for the No. 0585 machine. MADE IN USA

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: PART #350000035 Crimping Roll - Upper PART #350000036 Crimping Roll - Lower PART #350000033 Ogee Bead Roll - Upper PART #350000034 Ogee Bead Roll - Lower

OPTIONAL ITEMS: CALL FOR PRICE PART #350000057 - 3/8" Beading Roll - Upper PART #350000058 - 3/8" Beading Roll - Lower PART #350000061 - 1/2" Beading Roll - Upper PART #350000062 - 1/2" Beading Roll - Lower PART #381700083 - Spacing Collar ( 2 required ) PART #259700015 - Standard Gauge


ManufacturerRoper Whitney
ModelNO. 0585
Stock Number164005850
Maximum Capacity - Mild Steel20 ga
Distance between shaft centers1-3/4"
Ratio Gearing1:1
Dimensions19" x 10" x 9"
Weight51 lbs