SHARP Automatic Surface Grinder SH-1224

SHARP Automatic Surface Grinder SH-1224


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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer SHARP 12" x 24" Automatic Surface Grinder SH-1224 2-axis auto and manual down feed or 3-axes Auto with option of downfeed control 3HP Motor Spindle Speed 1,720 rpm 2-V Ways Extra Wide Bed Double Longitudinal “V” Ways and Cross “V” Ways Hydraulic Table (with Over Travel Protection) Auto Cross feed (Intermittent and Continuous Mode) Slide Ways are Hand Scraped and Turcite Coated Annealed Castings for Greater Machine Stability An Optional Programmable Spindle Downfeed System with User Friendly Control STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Grinding wheel 14” x 1.25” x 5” Auto Lube System 12 Gal Coolant System Wheel Adapter/Flange Wheel Balancing Arbor Grinding wheel balancing stand Diamond Dresser Splash guard both front and back (not shown on photo) Tool Kit includes: Machine Manual, Half Nut Wrench, Wrench 17m, 19m, Set of 6 Allen wrenches, Phillip screw driver, oil can, Grease Gun, Rear way cover bracket, Pin for indicator, Can of paint ITEM: 12" x 24" Automatic Surface Grinder MANUFACTURER: SHARP MODEL: SH-1224 CALL FOR PRICE: PART # ITEM 440T4 440V Transformer - 3HP (for Micro Control Down feed System) 3KVA KET-3060 12” x 24” Kanetsu Electromagnetic Chuck w/control KESL-3060 12” x 24” Kanetsu Electromagnetic Chuck w/control (Fine Pole) LBP-1224 12” x 24” Walker Electromagnetic Chuck w/control (Fine Pole) SH-011A Touch screen Programmable Microprocessor Control Spindle / Down feed System with Z axis motion control — Dresser Compensation package installed, needs to purchase with SH-50, SH-011 – Down feed System Control SH-07 Parallel Dresser (Manual) SH-08 Parallel Dresser (Semi-Automatic) SH-09 Radius and Angle Dresser WL-110V55W Halogen Work light CS&DC Coolant System w/Dust Collector (25 Gal) CS&PF Coolant System w/Paper Filter (25 Gal) CS&PF&MS Coolant System w/Paper Filter & Magnetic Separator (25 Gal) (for SH-920 & SH-1224) DC Dust Collector Only PF Paper Filter Refill SH-FLANGE 1124 Spare Wheel Adaptor (Flange) SH-920 – SH1224 SH-13 Radius Forming Attachment SH-14 Angle Forming Attachment SH-15 Rapid Traverse up/down wheel head SH-16 Creep Feed MTR-SH1224-5HP 5 HP in lieu of 3 HP motor (factory order only) — *** CE mark ( factory order only) FG-SH1224 Fagor 20i D.R.O. FG-40i-SH1224 Fagor 40i D.R.O. AR-SH1224 Acu-Rite 200S D.R.O. NW-SH1224 Newall DP700 D.R.O. — Factory Installation - D.R.O. System ***All Magnetic Chucks Includes Free Installation*** *** (440V machines needs transformer for programmable micro control downfeed system.)


Stock NumberSH-1224
Spindle center to table surface19.3"
Longitudinal hydraulic table feed (ft/min)6.6-82 IPM
Continuous Cross Feed (in/min)39 IPM
Number of graduations on dial200
Feed per graduation0.0001”
Feed per revolution0.05”
Rapid Down feed (optional)18.9 IPM
Rapid down feed (optional)18.9 IPM
Spindle motor3 HP
Approximate Weight4,000 lbs.
Dimensions76.8" x 73.6" x 71" (L xW xH)
440V5.4KVA/12.5 amps