C&M TOPLINE Rotary Tumbler Barrels

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C&M TOPLINE Rotary Tumbler Barrels

$71 TL-1: Other options see below


Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer C&M TOPLINE Rotary Tumbler Barrels Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic Covers are made of stainless steel, with neoprene expansion plugs Positive lock and seal allowing easy access TL-1 IOL Barrel: Delrin Plug-Type Cover with silicone "o" ring seal MADE IN THE USA MODEL: TL-1 / TL-2 / TL-3 / TL-4 / TL-6 / TL-1 MDT/IOL


Stock NumberTL-1 --- TL-1 MDT/IOL
TL-1: 22 fl. oz.$71.00
TL-2: 3.5 qts$117.00
TL-3: 1.5 gal$152.00
TL-4: 2.5 gal$200.00
TL-6: 8.0 gal$306.00
TL-1 MDT/IOL$145.00