BAILEIGH Manual Mandrel Bender HMB-1125

BAILEIGH Manual Mandrel Bender HMB-1125


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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer BAILEIGH Manual Mandrel Bender HMB-1125 The HMB-1125 Manual Mandrel Bender from Baileigh Industrial is an exciting new manual mandrel bender that was designed to help produce tight bends in thin wall tubing without the space issues and expense of a full blown automatic mandrel bender. This unique machine uses a one way bearing and gear reduction setup to help produce enough power to bend up to 1-1/8” OD mild steel. For accurate and consistent bends a digital readout is also standard to keep track of the bend degree. Perfect for the furniture maker, this mandrel bender comes with a 48” mandrel rod and has the ability to bend to 180 degrees. This unique machine will have a place in just about any shop.

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ManufacturerBaileigh Industrial
Stock NumberHMB-1125M
Bend Ratio5:01
Capacity Round OD (Mild Steel)1.125" x .065"
Capacity Round OD (Stainless Steel)1.0" x .065"
Bend DirectionCW
Max. Bend Angle200 deg.
Max. Clr4"
Shipping Weight500 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions72" x 44" x 68"
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