BAILEIGH Mandrel Bender MB-90NCE-2

BAILEIGH Mandrel Bender MB-90NCE-2

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  • Our top of the range electromechanical mandrel bender, designed for multi-plain higher volume bending.
  • The NCE-2 mandrel bender machine has 3-axis controls, 2 are NC and 1 is manual. Like the NCE-1 the machine comes as standard with a 25 program x 10 bend memory, but unlike the NCE-1 the NCE-2 allows you to program the plane-of-bend for each bend angle as well. When the mandrel pipe bending machine is running and the start button is pressed, the plane-of-bend carriage rotates the tube to the right plane before the bending starts, this happens between all bend angles.
  • The 3rd axis, the feed axis (X), is controlled with an adjustable stop system. Manually, the operator pulls the carriage down a metered track and to the required stop, this feature means with the NCE-2 mandrel bender machine you can control the bend, rotation (plane) and feed axis and the standard features hydraulic mandrel extractor, pressure die and pressure die assist ensures a high-quality bend too.
  • 1-axis NC control
  • Memory can store 25 programs x 10 bends - (Y)
  • Sequential flip stop axis control
  • Fully hydraulic clamping
  • Hydraulic mandrel extractor
  • Hydraulic pressure die
  • Hydraulic pressure die assist
  • Available in 35, 60, and 90mm capacities 

OPTIONAL ITEMS: Split die system Automatic mandrel lubrication Additional useful bed length (1 metre increments)


ManufacturerBaileigh Industrial
Stock NumberMB-90NCE-2
Max Tube O.D (Mild Steel)90 x 4mm
Max Tube O.D (SS)76 x 2mm
Max Square Tube (Mild Steel)76 x 76 x 2mm
Max Bend Angle190°
Maximum Center Line Radius305mm
Maximum Useful Length3000mm
Bending DirectionClockwise
Power Requirements400V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Dimensions219" x 61" x 52" 5560 x 1550 x 1330mm
Weight5,350 lbs (2427kgs)
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