AKYAPAK Miter Bandsaw AST-1500

AKYAPAK Miter Bandsaw AST-1500

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer AKYAPAK 1500 x 600mm Miter Bandsaw AST-1500     Akyapak Miter Band Saw has been designed with a rigid frame and equipped with high quality components to guarantee the best sawing results. With the increased cutting speed, the Akyapak Miter Band Saw can cut materials at 90°or at miters. The saw can be installed in tandem with an Akyapak Beam Drilling Line or as a separate line.

  • A steel swarf brush removes swarfs from the blade and thus the saw’s performance increases, keeping wear at a minimum.
  • The automatic blade tensioning system, which is controlled hydraulically, reduces faults in the cutting process. The saw approaches the material with a maximum feed rate. When it almost touches the materials, it decreases to the required feed rate and thus the sawing cycle reduces.
  • The material is fed through the saw in a straight position. The saw can carry out miter sawing operation up to an angle of 45° to the left and 60° to the right. The saw is turned to the required position by a servo motor via CNC. After it reaches the required position, the main frame is clamped by compact hydraulic cylinders.
  • When the saw frame is turning, rollers on both sides of the saw rise by 10 mm. Thus easy and fast turning of the saw is guaranteed, reducing wear on the table of the saw.
  • MATERIAL CLAMPING: The beam is clamped on both sides through the hydraulic cylinder and vice, preventing movements of the material during sawing to provide the best cutting results
  • MATERIAL CLAMPING WITH DOUBLE CYLINDER: Clamping with double hydraulic cylinder separately is provided for special cuts and better clamping upon request.
  • UPPER PRESSURE CYLINDER: Better clamping of the material into the vertical plane is provided upon request, applying pressure to the material through the hydraulic cylinder at the exit of the saw and in this way more accurate cuts are guaranteed
  • REMNANT REMOVING SYSTEM: The cut short products are transported to the discharging conveyor by a special magnetic plate and thereafter transferred to out of the conveyor system.
  • Magnetic plate holding force: 15-17 kg/cm2


  • CNC Beam Drilling Line

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Stock NumberAST-1500
Sawing Capacity max. (WxH)1500x600 (59" x 23.6")
Sawing Capacity min. (WxH)65x35mm (2.5" x 1.4")
Main Saw Motor15kW
Mitering Servo Motor1.5kW
Brush Motor0.12kW
Coolant Oil Pump (opt)0.12kW
Hydraulic Pump5.5kW
Bandsaw length9860mm
Blade type (Lenox)ArmorRx+ 67x1,6 TPI:2/3 (Bi-Metal)
Cutting Speed m/min0.4
Working Height800mm
Mitering angle+60°/-45°
Length x Width x Height198.4" x 93" x 99" 5040x2350x2500mm
Weight7,647 lbs. (8,080kg)