MAVERICK CNC MV 5' x 10' Plasma Cutting Systems

MAVERICK CNC MV 5' x 10' Plasma Cutting Systems


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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer MAVERICK MV 5' x 10' CNC Plasma Cutting Systems with Hypertherm Powermax 45XP (45A) There is a certain art to being ready to go to work at a moment’s notice, to being ready to perform, swiftly and efficiently and with more than a hint of confidence and swagger. Such is the MV Series CNC plasma cutting table, Maverick’s budget friendly answer for shops that need to be ready when the call comes in. Think of it as the backup quarterback who knows the routes and signals and nuances of the game and can step into the game and never skip a beat. The MV Series is made for those small and mid-level shops whose needs for a quality cutter are more infrequent than operators who work their tables on a daily basis. Designed using industrial quality components that are durable and require less maintenance, the MV-Series is a much more economical, easily operated plasma cutting table that still has the quality backing of Maverick’s superior fit and finish. Set-up is simple, performance is reliable and cuts are exacting and consistent. If you’re along the lines of an ornamental iron company, an HVAC shop or anyone whose cutting needs are common but not everyday, then this is the Maverick you want by your side. Compact unitized construction, custom forklift pockets Fully-welded frame, heavy-duty material support configured for both downdraft or water 6" x 6" precision machined aluminum gantry engineered for maximum stiffness 6" clearance under gantry Oversized self-cleaning dual V-groove bearings riding on harden machined V-guide rails Dual linear bearings on Z axis for smooth motion Powerful 940 oz-in Nema 34 motors with zero backslash drive system Automatic torch height controller with magnetic breakaway system Arc voltage sampling to follow variations in material Powerful laptop controller on computer stand Integrated Maverick Pro CAD/CAM/CNC software designed to be user friendly for the novice or the experienced operator Complete integration with Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters Laser cut slat brackets with offset slat pattern for increased table rigidity Dual side drives with fully enclosed z axis motors and custom end trucks, all axis cable tracks 2 days on-site installation and training by our certified technicians 6" x 6" extruded aluminum gantry Side rails are bolted on machined surfaces (unitized) Engineered for rigidity and strength Self-cleaning V-groove bearings 1.25’’ pinion gears Cutting positional accuracy of 0.002" Custom built end trucks on each side Protects the drive motor and pinion gear Engineered for strength Powerful 15" i7 laptop on windows 10 Computer stand for easy operator use Integrated MaverickCNC PRO CAD/CAM/CNC software Powerful and easy to use Enclosed dual linear slides Rapid responsive sampling over 10,000 times per second PLASMA SOURCES OPTIONS: CALL FOR PRICE

Hypertherm Powermax 65 Sync – 65A

Hypertherm Powermax 85 Sync – 85A

Hypertherm Powermax 105 Sync – 105A

Hypertherm Powermax 125 – 125A

$3,495: Oxy-fuel torch on magnetic Quick Connect system: You’ve got the tool, now get the fuel — the fuel that maximizes the cutting performance you want and that your clients demand. That means only one thing: Oxy Fuel. Oxy Fuel — a combination of oxygen and gas fuels — surpasses plasma when it comes to cutting thicker layers of mild steel. Due to its oxygen beam, Oxy Fuel also allows frees you up for a steeper angle of cut — 70º as compared to plasma’s 45º. Another benefit of Oxy Fuel is its economy. It’s the most cost-efficient process for cutting carbon steel and costs for initial investment, along with consumables and operating costs, are all lower in comparison to plasma. Once the torch elevates the metal to its ignition point, a fine, high-pressure stream of oxygen is focused on the metal, burning it into metal oxide, which, in turn, flows away from the material you’re zeroed in on. Little or no slag collects on the bottom edge and any slag that may form is easily scraped away. The end result is a precise cut. The final complement: Oxy Fuel integrates with Maverick plasma cutting machines, allowing you to turn to the tool that’s best suited to the assignment. $3,495: Pneumatic Scribe: If the Declaration of Independence were engraved in metal, then John Hancock would surely have called upon this pneumatic scribe to etch his name. This is a tool of precision, strength and artistry. And, like the Declaration itself, MaverickCNC’s Pneumatic Scribe is made in America and built to endure. Sync this scribe up with your plasma cutting table and you’re ready to put this this tool to work on a variety of metals. It’s easily mounted to your Z-Axis with a universal mounting bracket. Simply add your air line to the air regulator, then — for detailed power control — connect the relay control board to your controller. Operate with confidence knowing that Maverick supports you with easy-to-follow instructions. $495: Laser pointer for easy plate alignment: MaverickCNC’s Laser Pointer system is software driven and connected to a generator that allows you to power up or power down the laser at any given point in the program. Then again, you can work manually with it via your computer. With the Laser Pointer’ large radius, you can mount the unit at the top of the torch, away from the cutting area, allowing you more precise control. Think of it as your bombsight for achieving infinitesimal excellence. The adjustable head of the Laser Pointer gives you a greater degree of flexibility by allowing you to adjust the beam in order to match your specific assignment. You can also locate your torch position without having to move the head of the torch. That helps you accurately position the material to be cut on the bed and opens up a clear view of the tool path while you test cycle a program without cutting. When the job calls for detail to the nth degree, turn to Maverick’s Laser Pointer. Roller ball floating disk for HVAC and light gauge cutting.

$495: Remote Pendant: The MaverickCNC Remote Pendant gives you the ability to control your table in the palm of your hand. If you prefer to step away from the computer stand to inspect the cutting process and want to stop it or make changes, the remote pendant gives you the ability to do just that.

$495: Manual Bevel Torch Holder: The MaverickCNC Manual Bevel Torch Holder allows you to perform straight line bevel edges up to 45 degrees. Eliminate the need for a second piece of equipment to cut beveled edges.

$15,995: Pipe Attachment: The MaverickCNC pipe cutting attachment is a fully integrated pipe cutting solution using your table, plasma, controller and software. This machine can process pipe from 1.6" to 8" along the full cut length of the table.

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ModelMV 510
Stock NumberMV510-HT-PM45
Table Size5' x 10'
Z-axis clearance5.5"
Z-axis travel6"
Repeatability+/- 0.001”
Cutting speed800 ipm
Rapid traverse1200 ipm
Drive System X, Y, Z Axis:Rack & Pinion
Standard Work Surface:Steel Slat
Work Area66" x 126"
Weight2,400 lbs.
Dimensions (L x W x H)162" x 103" x 53"