AKYAPAK 4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Roll AHS 30/28

AKYAPAK 4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Roll AHS 30/28

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer AKYAPAK 4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Roll AHS 30/28 ITEM: 10′ x 1-3/8″ 4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Roll MANUFACTURER: AKYAPAK MODEL: AHS 30/28 AHS offers reliable and excellent solutions for precise and challenging rolling applications. It is the most reasonable choice to bend the materials with a plate thickness of 2mm to 200mm and with a plate width of 500mm to 12000mm PRECISE, PRODUCTIVE AND RELIABLE: As well as being reliable, AHS increases productivity with its high speed rolling ability and it overcomes the most challenging bends thanks to its ease of use. Since the plate is pinched during rolling, skidding and slipping of materials are prevented. Thus, more reliable rolling operations are performed and more precise results are achieved. In AHS 4-Roll Plate Rolling Machines, one of the side rolls can be used as a squaring roll, thus the plate can be easily and precisely aligned along the roll across the input direction. LESS FLAT ENDS AT A SINGLE PASS: In AHS 4-Roll Machines, it is possible to achieve a full cylinder at a single pass because the material can be pinched with the lower-roll during pre-bending and bending. AHS model allows for precise pinching of the plate between upper and lower rolls, thus the length of flat ends are minimized. Akyapak 4-Roll CNC Rolling Machines having superior features decrease the dependency on an operator and offer more reliable and more productive solutions. PLANETARY GUIDES: In Akyapak 4-roll plate rolling machines, the planetary guiding system (lever-arm) system that provides excellent pre-bend with less power is used. As the upper roll is approached with a slightly wider angle, less power is consumed for the same remaining flat ends, thus saving energy. The planetary guiding system has a more compact body structure. The lower body design allows the cone bending even at small diameters, allowing the rolled material to be easily removed horizontally from the machine. Another advantage of the system is that it does not need lubrication. The planetary system has no friction and wearing linear guides, and therefore the (rolling) scales do not affect the system. With all these advantages, the planetary system works safely, with less maintenance and therefore less downtime, while maintaining a robust body construction even at the smallest rolling diameters. ROLLS: In AHS models, surface hardness is achieved between 50 - 60 HRC in the rolls through induction. After hardening process, the rolls are polished after grinding. Rolls are at Ck45 quality according to DIN norms. FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE PRODUCT FEATURES TAB STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Cone bending device Induction hardened rolls Digital display for side rolls Fully welded steel (St-52) construction body Separate moving control panel Two rolling speeds Electro-hydraulic calibration All rolls are mounted in roller spherical roller bearings Safety equipment around the machine Central rolls are driven by hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes Certified by CE, ISO9001 – 2008, TSEK and TURQUM Central and side supports Variable speed of rotation Material feeding table with various features Interchangeable top roll Oil cooling system Driven side rolls Automatic material ejection equipment Automatic loading and unloading system Deflection compensating system Motors in variable voltage and frequency CNC NC


ModelAHS 30/28
Stock NumberAHS 30/28
Working length10'
Maximum thickness1-3/8"
Pre-Bending Thickness1-1/8"
Top Roll Dia. (in - Ø)16.9"
Bottom Roll Dia. (in - Ø)15.4"
Side Roll Dia.13.0"
Motor Power30
Length x Width x Height (ft.)20' x 7.2' x 7.2'
Weight49,780 lbs.