BAILEIGH CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine FL-510HD-8000

BAILEIGH CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine FL-510HD-8000

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer Body: Main body frame: The whole main body of the tool is made of the carbon structural steel with the staggered honeycomb welding structure, which is machined roughly after stress annealing and then the vibration aging treatment is performed. The natural aging may completely eliminate the welding and machining stress. With good rigidity and high precision, it may maintain normal use for 20 years without deformation

Welding of main body: The main body frame is welded with the carbon dioxide protection welding, with such advantages as stable welding process, free internal defect, mini- mum splash, etc. At present, such welding becomes the most important welding for the black metal material.

Fiber laser: IPG Photonics is a global leader of the high power fiber laser. The fiber laser manufactured by it has such advantages as high quality light beam quality and reliability, ultrahigh output power, higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, lower maintenance cost, volume with compact structure, mobility and durability, low consumption, environment friendly, etc.

Electro-optical conversion efficiency: >25% Power operating range: 10%~105%

Light beam mass: BPP<2.5

Service life of pumping source: 100,000h

Cutting head: High-level pollution prevention design and improved detection of the internal air pressure in the cutting head may effectively prevent air leakage; Best cutting accessories achieve higher heat resistance; The brand new monitoring unit monitors whether there are protective lens and base; The brand new ceramic nozzle adapter may more timely report the collision information; The best optical design and cooling system achieve better machining quality; The facula amplification coefficient is 1.2X-3.2X to achieve thin plate cutting with high speed and quality with the small facula, and the thick plate with smooth surface is cut with large facula.

System: Baileigh Industrial FL-510HD-8000P laser cutting system is a special numerical control system for laser cutting of 4,000W and larger which is jointly developed by China and Germany. The German BECKHOFF with original packaging is used as the underlying interpolation operation, with the Ether CAT bus control protocol integrated. The upper software is a secondary development for the laser industry (Phantom8000). The whole system has high integration degree, improved function, high stability and leading technology, providing solutions with core competitiveness for the customers.

Nesting: SIGMANEST automatic programming nesting software

SIGMANEST is a set of advanced automatic programming nesting software made in the United States. It is based on WINDOWS, full English interface, powerful and simple to operate. It is a professional nesting software for advanced numerical control programmers. It supports laser machines and other complex combination of machine tools and can effectively reduce the cutting time and improve work efficiency. CALL Sierra Victor Industries 386-304-3720 FOR MORE INFORMATION

ITEM: BAILEIGH CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine FL-510HD-8000 MANUFACTURER: BAILEIGH MODEL: FL-510HD-8000


ManufacturerBaileigh Industrial
Stock NumberFL-510HD-8000
Machining area (length × width)118” x 59”
X-axis travel60"
Y-axis travel119"
Z-axis travel10.629”
Positioning precision of X/Y axis±0.00118”
Repeated positioning precision of X/Y axis±0.00078”
Maximum speed643 ft/ min
Maximum accelerated speed2.0G
Tool weight24,250 lbs
Numerical control systemBeckhoff
Maximum load of work table2,425 lbs
Number of phases3
Rated voltage of power source480V
Protection rating of main powerIP54