BAILEIGH CNC Laser Table FL-510HD-4000

BAILEIGH CNC Laser Table FL-510HD-4000

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  • BAILEIGH 10' x 5' CNC Laser Table FL-510HD-4000  Laser Cutting Machine integrates optical, mechanical and electrical technology into one machine, which adopts laser technology, computer control technology and high-performance CNC (computer numerical control) laser power system. Laser Cutting Machine is capable of processing all kinds of sheet metal with high speed and efficiency.
  • The maximum size of sheet metal that Laser Cutting Machine FL-510HD-4000 can cut is 118”×59”. The products will have smooth edge with high quality surface finish, small kerf width and little heat effect. Therefore, the machine is especially suitable for cutting sheet metal.
  • Components of Equipment:
  • Laser: IPG-4000 W Fiber Laser
  • (1)Laser output power 4000W
  • (2)Laser wavelength 1060-1080nm
  • (3)Output energy modulating 10%-100%
  • (4)Working Temperature 15-35ºC
  • Fiber-optical Laser Cutting Head: The Laser cutting head adopts German technology, equipped with QBH fiber output connector, special optical lens, sealed accurate focus adjusting method, and fast electric capacity transducer with minimum cutting gap 0.2mm, which could increase cutting speed and reduce gas consumption.
  • Machine tool: The machine adopts gantry structure with high rigidity, double servo motor drivers and gear rack transfer system, which has high accuracy and is capable of withstanding high speed and acceleration. The worktable is composed of steel saw, pneumatic rollers and clamps. The rollers facilitate loading sheet metal, while the clamps could fix the sheet metal and guarantee the cutting accuracy. The movable tray under the machine tool could collect the scraps and small product during cutting process.
  • Control System: CNC control system includes laser cutting process, normal stock layout function and laser processing control. It mainly has drawing process, parameters setting, user-defined cutting process edit, stock layout, route planning and cutting control. The cutting power could be adjusted with the cutting speed. The individual pull in and pull out speed could be set. It also has material process library, which could save all the process parameters for the same material.


ManufacturerBaileigh Industrial
Stock NumberFL-510HD-4000
Laser output power4000w
Laser wavelength1060-1080nm
Laser mediumGlass fiber with rate-earth element
Laser beam quality<0.373mrad
Min beam width≤0.125mm (0.0049”)
Max size for cutting3000mm*1500mm (118”x59”)
Axial accuracy≤±0.05㎜/m
Repeat accuracy≤±0.03㎜/m
Max thickness of cutting carbon steel22mm (Optimum thickness 0.5--20mm)
Max thickness of cutting Stainless Steel12mm (Optimum thickness 0.5--10mm)
Max thickness of cutting Aluminum10mm (Optimum thickness 0.5--6mm)
Power supply220V/60HZ
Laser wave length1060-1080nm
Output energy modulating10%-100%
Working Temperature15-35ºC
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