U.S. INDUSTRIAL Precision Geared Head Engine Lathe USL 1340 BH-KIT

U.S. INDUSTRIAL Precision Geared Head Engine Lathe USL 1340 BH-KIT

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer U.S. INDUSTRIAL 13" x 40" Precision Geared Head Engine Lathe USL 1340 BH-KIT

  • This small geared head engine lathe is a good choice for maintenance shop, machine shop, or serious hobbyist. Large spindle bore passes 2" diameter. This machine operates on 220 volts, 1 phase.


  • 8" 3-jaw chuck. Universal, self-centering
  • 8" 4-jaw independent chuck
  • Face Plate
  • Foot brake with micro switch
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • 4-way tool post
  • Micrometer carriage stop
  • Thread Dial
  • Inch/Metric dials on cross, compound and tailstock
  • Safety chuck shield
  • Work lamp
  • Taper attachment (installed)
  • Flood Coolant system
  • Large spindle bore to pass 2"
  • Sino 2-axis digital readout, inch and metric, (installed)
  • Rear Splash Guard
  • Manual with test certificate
  • Slide out chip pan
  • 220 Volt, Single phase operation
  • Induction hardened bedways


  • Quick change toolpost kit with holders
  • ISO Cutting Tool Package

  • QUICK CHANGE TOOL POST OPTION – (Replaces standard four-way tool post)
  • Note: We use the wedge style, #333 for our Lathes. This comes with Part off holder, knurling holder, boring bar holder, and two ¾” SS holders
  • This is custom installation and not available after machine ships. Must be installed on lathe at time of order, prior to shipping.
  • Extra holders are $ 75.00 each.

  • Cutting Tool Package for U.S. Industrial Lathes:
  • This optional cutting tool package is designed to fit our QUICK CHANGE TOOLPOST option. It is not for the standard 4-way toolpost.
  • Tools included below are for:
  • Rough and medium finishing of the part OD
  • Left- and right-hand tools for working left and right hand shoulders
  • Tools for threading OD and ID
  • Part off tools
  • Fine finish of the part ID
  • Tools for boring the ID and more...

  • List of carbide cutting tools in KIT for US INDUSTRIAL LATHE: (ISO tools are imports.)
  • Note: Tools for 13”, 16”, 20” and 26” Lathes will be ¾” square shank
  • Note: Customer MUST purchase option, OUR QC Toolpost set for install prior to shipping:
  1. MW LN-R, ¾” square, triangle insert, right hand
  2. MW LN-L, ¾” square, triangle insert, left hand.
  3. Box of 10 W NMG inserts for above
  4. MCLN-R, ¾” square, diamond insert, right hand
  5. MCLN-L, ¾” square, diamond insert, left hand
  6. Box of 10 CNMG inserts for above
  7. MVJN-R, ¾” square, diamond insert, fine finish, right hand
  8. MVJN-L, ¾” square, diamond insert, fine finish, left hand
  9. Box of 10 VNMG inserts, 1/64” nose radius
  10. SER-0750-SET, ¾” square, for threading OD, with inserts (This is a KIT and includes threading inserts.)
  11. SIR-0750-SET, ¾” round, for threading ID, with inserts (This is a KIT and includes threading inserts.)
  12. SCLCR-SET, Boring bars, .315”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾” bars, with inserts (This is a KIT and includes inserts.)
  13. RH-MCLN, Boring bar, 1” diameter, 12” long
  14. Use inserts in Item No. 6, CNMG
  15. HSS Blade for part-off holder, high speed steel
  16. Block, blade and 10 self-lock carbide parting/grooving inserts
  17. Arbor and key chuck for tailstock
  18. Live center for tailstock
  19. Semi-synthetic coolant concentrate, 1 gallon

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



ManufacturerUS Industrial
ModelUSL 1340 BH-KIT
Stock NumberUSL 1340 BH-KIT
Swing over bedways12.99"
Swing over cross slide7.79"
Swing over gap18.74"
Distance between centers39.37"
Spindle bore2.008"
Spindle speeds range - RPM90 to 2000
Longitudinal feed range - IPR.0049 to .0656
Cross feed range - IPR.0016 to .0210
Metric Threading range.45 to 10mm
Inch Threading range -TPI2-1/4 to 40
Tailstock taperNo. 3 MT
Spindle power2 HP
Power requirement220V, 1ph
3-jaw chuck - diameter8"
4-jaw chuck - diameter8"
Faceplate - diameter10"
4-way toolpost is included<5/8" square
Sino 2-axis digital readoutIncluded
Steady restIncluded
Follow restIncluded
Micrometer carriage stopIncluded
Thread dialIncluded
Work lampIncluded
Taper attachmentIncluded
Rear splash guardIncluded
Chuck guardIncluded
Flood coolant systemIncluded
Slide out chip traysIncluded
Crated Dimensions- LxWxH77" x 30" x 60"
Gross Weight1,400 lbs.