ACRA Heavy Duty Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathe 4500SGT

ACRA Heavy Duty Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathe 4500SGT

$105,900 Starting Price - More Options Available

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer 45" x 60" - 400" Heavy Duty Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathes 4500SGT Made in Taiwan - High Quality! Acra’s Precision Gap Bed Heavy Duty Engine Lathes are made in Taiwan and features the following: Head Stock: • The spindle is supported by high precision bearings suitable for both heavy and precision cutting. • The speeds of spindle have 12 steps and designed on theoretical base. All gears and shafts are made of Ni-Cr-Mo steel and carbonize and ground. • Control of main drive through electromagnetic brake, and automatic forced lubrication. • Spindle Bore size selections- 153mm (6”), 230mm (9”), 255mm (10”), 310mm (12”), 355mm (14”), 405mm (16”), & 530mm (21”). Gearbox: • The Gear Box is entirely enclosed construction and provide a range of feedings or thread cuttings (inch, metric, module pitch and diametrical pitch). • Inch and Metric threading without changing gears. • Oil both lubrication and built in safety clutch safeguards the continuous and proper operation of the universal gear box. Carriage and Apron: • The Compound Rest can be fixed on the cross-slide anywhere, convenient for cutting work application. • The Apron gives automatic lubrication and locked-safety device protects threads and feeding. • Rapid traverse drive for longitudinal-cross feeding and forward & reverse feed operates very light and convenient. Taper Attachment: • The Taper Attachment is designed to easily operate and rapidly cut taper in high accuracy; the device can produce ± 10 angles. • Electric cable in steel cover to protect wire from chips and prevent trouble with electric wires.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Halogen Light 4 Way Tool Holder Travel Splash Guard 4 Way Rapid Travel Coolant System


45x60SGT Precision Engine Lathe $105,900.00

45x80SGT Precision Engine Lathe $110,600.00

45x120SGT Precision Engine Lathe $123,900.00

45x160SGT Precision Engine Lathe $139,300.00

45x200SGT Precision Engine Lathe $158,300.00

45x240SGT Precision Engine Lathe $179,150.00

45x280SGT Precision Engine Lathe $205,600.00

45x320SGT Precision Engine Lathe $227,800.00

45x360SGT Precision Engine Lathe $255,000.00

45x400SGT Precision Engine Lathe $288,900.00

OPTIONAL ITEMS: CALL FOR PRICE Steady Rest (2-3/4" — 16-15/16") Steady Rest (11" — 23-1/2") Follow Rest Face Plate 9" Spindle Bore A2-15 10" Spindle Bore 12.2" Spindle Bore A2-20 21" Spindle Bore A2-28 Taper Attachment Installation Taper Attachment 40" Chuck Cover Full Length Splash Guard 80" Full Length Splash Guard 120" Full Length Splash Guard 160" Full Length Splash Guard 200" Full Length Splash Guard 240" Auto Rapid Threading Device Newall Digital Read-Out-60"/80"/100"/120"/160"/200"/240"/280"/320”/360”/400”/440”


Stock Number4560SGT
Swing Over Cross Slide:33.46"
Swing In Gap:66.93"
Bed Width26"
Spindle Bore:6.02"
Taper of Spindle:MT NO.6
Spindle Speeds – Range:3~300 RPM
Compound Slide Travel:16-1/2"
Rapid Travel Speed to Carriage:807" /minute
Metric Threads:1 ~ 120 mm
Module Threads:0.25 ~ 30 mm
Diametrical Threads:1 ~ 120 D.P.
Longitudinal Feeds:0.004" ~ 0.40" /rev
Cross Feeds:0.002" ~ 0.20" /rev
Quill Travel:13-3/8"
Quill Taper:MT NO.6
Voltage:230/460V AC/3PH