ACRA Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathe 3600SET

ACRA Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathe 3600SET

$66,000 Starting Price - More Options Available

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer 36" x 60" - 280" Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathes 3600SET Made in Taiwan - High Quality! Acra’s Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathes are made in Taiwan and features the following: Headstock: • All gears and mandrel are made of alloy steel with heat treatment and precision ground. • Rotating type speed changing system is easy to operate. Spindle: • Large bore spindle, supported by 3-point precision bearings. • Suitable for heavy-duty cutting. Tailstock: • With speed reduced quill suitable for heavy duty drilling, hand wheel is with dual dial.. Apron & Saddle: • Easy-operated overload protect safety devise. • Central lubrication system can be operated manually or automatically. Gear Box: • Universal gear box design, is able to cut metric thread, Imperial thread, module thread without changing gears. Lathe Bed: • High tensile ribs structure. high precision and wide bed surface. • With hardened and precision ground. • One piece structure lathe bed enhances the machines life and working performance. Auto Longitudinal Stop: • Auto longitudinal travel devise will control the feed of tool post. Emergency Brake System: • More safe emergency brake system can shut off power supply simultaneously.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 20" 3-Jaw Chuck Full Length Rear Splash Guard Coolant System Halogen Light Full Length Splash Guard Rapid Travel Steady/Follow Rest 4 Way Tool Holder OPTIONAL MODELS:

36 x 60SET Precision Engine Lathe $66,000

36 x 80SET Precision Engine Lathe $68,000

36 x 120SET Precision Engine Lathe $76,500

36 x 160SET Precision Engine Lathe $87,500

36 x 200SET Precision Engine Lathe $101,250

36 x 240SET Precision Engine Lathe $119,750

36 x 280SET Precision Engine Lathe $147,000


Steady Rest (20") Steady Rest (24") Face Plate Taper Attachment Installation Taper Attachment Change 6" to 9" A2 15 Nose Change 6" to 10" A2 15 Nose Newall Digital Read-Out-60" DP700 Newall Digital Read-Out-60" NMS30 Newall Digital Read-Out-80" DP700 Newall Digital Read-Out-80" NMS300 Newall Digital Read-Out-120" DP700 Newall Digital Read-Out-120" NMS300 Newall Digital Read-Out-160” Newall Digital Read-Out-200” Newall Digital Read-Out-240” Auto Rapid Threading Device Acu-Rite Digital Read-Out-60" 80"/120" VU Acu-Rite Digital Read-Out-80" 60"/80"/120" 200S Sony FAGOR Quick Change Tool Post D1-11 4" Spindle Nose - Special Order


Stock Number3660SET
Swing Over Cross Slide:27.56"
Swing In Gap:47.24"
Bed Width18-1/8"
Spindle Bore:6.02"
Taper of Spindle:MT NO.5
Spindle Speeds – Steps:12
Spindle Speeds – Range:15 ~ 1,000 RPM
Compound Slide Travel:10"
Metric Threads:0.8 ~ 14 mm
Longitudinal Feeds:0.05" ~ 0.7 mm/rev
Cross Feeds:0.025 ~ 0.35 mm/rev
Quill Travel:9"
Quill Taper:MT NO.5
Voltage:230/460V AC /3 PH