EDWARDS 60 Ton Ironworker IW60

EDWARDS 60 Ton Ironworker IW60


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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer EDWARDS 60 Ton Ironworker IW60 The Edwards 60 Ton JAWS Ironworker is a robust machine featuring a dedicated Coper Notcher station, adding strength and stability to this great tool. Standard features include a Punch Assembly with Pedestal Die Table, 14" wide Flat Bar Shear, Angle Shear and Coper Notcher. The optional Hydraulic Accessory Pack allows your Ironworker to act as a power source to our expanding line of innovative Hydraulic Accessory Tools, such as the 10 Ton Tube/Pipe Bender, 20 Ton Shop Press and 40 Ton Shop Press Four Loaded Workstations Dedicated Coper Notcher Station Electric Stroke Control ANSI B11.5-1988R(02) Compliant ETL/UL Approved Controls MADE IN THE USA ITEM: 60 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker MANUFACTURER: EDWARDS MODEL: IW60 OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS - CALL FOR PRICE PART # ITEM — STANDARD PUNCH ASSEMBLY AC1024 OVERSIZED PUNCH ASSEMBLY AC1055 241 PUNCH ASSEMBLY AC0125-1 ANGLE NOTCHER Standard COPER NOTCHER AC0925 PIPE NOTCHER HOUSING — PIPE NOTCHER HOUSING, OPEN CAVITY AC0925T TURRET PIPE NOTCHER HOUSING AC1075 MULTI-SHEAR AC1074 ROD SHEAR AC1033 7" BRAKE WITH 4-WAY DIE AC1034 8" BRAKE WITH 4-WAY DIE — 10" BRAKE WITH 4-WAY DIE — 10" BRAKE WITH 4-WAY DIE, OPEN CAVITY — 12" BRAKE WITH 4-WAY DIE OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES - CALL FOR PRICE PART # ITEM AC0900 GAUGING TABLE KIT AC0903 HEAVY DUTY GAUGING TABLE KIT AC0905 HEAVY DUTY GAUGING TABLE KIT FOR OVERSIZE PUNCH ASSEMBLY AC0800 COPER NOTCHER GAUGING TABLE KIT AC1914-3 STRIPPER REDUCING PLATE AC1099 URETHANE STRIPPER AC1001 QUICK CHANGE PUNCH ASSEMBLY AC1010 48" AUTO CUT AC1011 48" BACK GAUGE PR135 PRESS BRAKE BACK GAUGE PD1000 PUNCH & DIE STARTER SET AC1000 ACCESSORY LED LIGHT AC1017 FABRICATOR'S PROTRACTOR AC1910 FENCE GUIDES, SHORT 12", STANDARD HANDLES AC1911 FENCE GUIDES, LONG 18", STANDARD HANDLES AC1912 FENCE GUIDES, SHORT 12", HANDLES FOR HEAVY DUTY TABLE AC1913 FENCE GUIDES, LONG 18", HANDLES FOR HEAVY DUTY TABLE AC2000 PRODUCTIVITY PACKS


ManufacturerEdwards Ironworkers
Stock NumberIW60-1P230
Rating60 Tons
Throat Depth (in.)8-7/8
Open Height (in.)8-1/8
Shut Height (in.)6-7/8
Stroke (in.)1-1/4
Work Height (in.)39-1/2
Max. Round Capacity (in.)7/8
Max. Square Capacity (in.)7/8
Width (in.)46-1/8
Depth (in.)36-1/8
Shipping Weight2,550 lbs.
Optional5 HP 1~ 230V, 1725 RPM 23 A 5 HP, 3 Ph, 460V, 1725 RPM 7A 5 HP, 3 Ph, 575V, 1725 RPM 6A
Hydraulic Pump Size (GPM)3-1/2 - single stage
Valve Pressure (PSI)2,500
Reservoir (gallons)7
Cylinder (in.)2-1/2 ram