TENNSMITH Automatic Folder SBS12614

TENNSMITH Automatic Folder SBS12614

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The Tennsmith SBS12614 sheet metal folder can handle up to 14 ga for mild steel and 16 ga for stainless steel with a bending length of 126 inches. The SBS Series sheet metal folders incorporate a twin motor drive system for the folding beam. This allows the system to be fast and extremely accurate. Bending speeds up to 90 degrees per second are easily achieved. Another advantage to this system is maintenance. Unlike with a chain drive system, there are no adjustments needed. For maximum hemming capacity, another strong feature of the TENNSMITH SBS Series, Metal Folding Machine, is the center drive of the clamping system. The placement of the motor in the center of the machine maximizes power while reducing torque loss through the drive shaft. The benefit is a hemming capacity of 20 gauge for the SBS12614.

ITEM: 10.5' (126") x 14 ga Automatic Folder



PART# SBS12614


Stock NumberSBS12614
Bending Capacity - Mild Steel14 GA
Bending Capacity - Stainless Steel16 GA
Bending Length126"
Bending Bars1" / 25mm and 7/16" / 11mm
Back gauge depth (Standard)41" / 1,014mm
Back gauge depth (Optional)61" / 1,550mm
Clamping Beam Opening Height7" / 178mm
Clamping Beam Tooling30°
Folding Beam Adjustment1" / 25mm
Crowning of the folding beam3-point 0" - 0.030" Adjustment
Working Height34" / 864mm
Machine Length180" / 4,572mm
Machine Width96"
Machine Height72" / 1,829mm
Machine Weight9,020 labs.
Shipping Weight9,885 labs.
Back gauge motor3/4 HP
Clamping beam motor2 HP
Bending beam motor2+2 HP
Clamping Beam Speed2.5" per second
Folding Beam Speed90° per second
Back gauge speed (0.375" to 41")5 seconds