SHARP Compact Cylindrical Grinder with NC Wheelhead Infeed OD1340SE


SHARP Compact Cylindrical Grinder with NC Wheelhead Infeed OD1340SE



Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer SHARP Compact Cylindrical Grinder with NC Wheelhead Infeed OD1340SE (photo is Model OD1540HE) Heavy ribbed box-type base is made of Meehanite castings, providing excellent rigidity to ensure machine stability Hydraulic, coolant and lubrication systems are separated from machine to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat Sturdy rigid-designed workhead is electronically controlled giving variable spindle speeds range from 30 to 350 rpm. Workhead swivels 90 degrees CCW to 90 degrees CW for various grinding operations. A dual oil seal and cover prevents coolant seepage into the workhead The design of the tailstock is both rigid and robust. Housed is a cast body, the hardened Nitrally steel sleeve is designed to carry a MT 4 center Optional hydraulic tailstock with food pedal is available for easy loading and unloading Cartridge type wheel spindle is equipped with four super precision class 7 ( ABEC) bearings incorporated with 7.5 HP spindle motor ensure high accuracy One V and one flat hand-scraped guideways are Turcite coated and incorporated with an automatic lubrication system and micro-stepping motor. Smooth movement of the wheelhead delivers longer way life with superior positioning accuracy and repeatability A special upper slide design adds 180 mm ( 7”) in total wheelhead travel and increases grinding capacity Rigid table with box-type structure travel on a cushion of oil with no metal-to-metal contact . Table is fully supported in the full travel to avoid overhang. A swiveling able dial indicator enables rapid cylindricity corrections and taper grinding applications. Slideways, leadscrews are continuously lubricated by an auto –lube system to ensure long service life and maintain maximum accuracy The hinged, swing-down internal grinding attachment ( optional item) swinging down into working position easily and quickly. A patented locking devise adds safety as it prevents the ID attachment from swinging down abruptly. PLC control uses a menu driven LCD touch screen is easy to learn and easy to set. Simply fill in the blanks to set total grinding amount, rough increment, find increment, sparkout passes, feeding direction, parking position, retracting clearance and press cycle start to complete automatic grinding cycle ( SE version) Optional manual level 5C lever type collet closure for quick and precise holding of work piece HE model has manual wheelhead infeed STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Grinding Wheel (16” x 2” x5”) Wheel Flange ( 5 “) Wheel extractor Infinite variable workhead ( MT # 4) Manual tailstock, MT # 4 Carbide Tip Center ( MT # 4 x2) Balancing Arbor Diamond dresser and stand Coolant tank ( 140 L, 36.8 G ) Work light Wired 220V (440V Requires Optional Transformer) Tool Box with Adjusting Tools Operation manual and parts list ITEM: 13" x 40" Compact Cylindrical Grinder with NC Wheelhead Infeed MANUFACTURER: SHARP MODEL: OD1340SE STOCK # INCLUDES — Internal grinding attachment, 25 K RPM — Internal grinding attachment, 18K RPM — 3-Jaw scroll chuck 8” with back pate — Hydraulic parallel dressing attachment — Hydraulic tailstock with foot pedal — Magnetic separator& paper filter ( 60 L /min, 140 L tank) — Balancing stand ( roller type) — 2-point steady rest ( hold upto120 mm) — 3-point steady rest ( 40 – 140 mm) — Spare wheel flange ( 5”) — CE mark FG-OD1340 FAGOR 20i D.R.O. FG-40i-OD1340 FAGOR 40i D.R.O. AR-OD1340 ACU-RITE 200S D.R.O. NW-OD 1340 NEWALL DP700 D.R.O. DPG — FACTORY INSTALLATION - D.R.O.


Stock NumberOD1340SE
Distance Between Center39.4"
Max Grinding Diameter11.8"
Max Load Between Centers330 lbs.
Hand Feed Travel7.9"
Top Slide Travel7"
Auto Rapid travel1.75"
Auto Increment Infeed ( SE version)0.0001” – 0.1 “ dia.
Hand Wheel per Graduation (dia.)0.0002”
Handweel per Revolution (dia.)0.1"
Swivel Angle+/- 30 degrees
Wheel Speed1650 rpm
Max. Grinding Length2.75"
Spindle Speed14,000 to 50,000 rpm
Max Chucking Length10.8"
Mac Chucking Diameter4"
Swivel Towards and Away from Operator+/- 7 degrees
Taper of CenterMT 4 ( OP. MT 5/ 5 C)
Handwheel (per Revolution)4"
Center TaperMT#4 ( MT # 5/5C)
Work head Drive2 HP
Hydraulic Pump Drive2 HP
ID motor (option)0.5 HP
Coolant Pump1/8 HP
Approx. Net Weight7,920 lbs.
440V8KVA/11 amps