SHARP Manual Centerless Grinder CG-1206S

SHARP Manual Centerless Grinder CG-1206S

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer SHARP 12" x 6" Manual Centerless Grinder CG-1206S NEW DESIGN –AC Servo motor (replacing the gear box) provides variable RPM to the regulating wheel for smoother operation and lower noise vibration. Both grinding & regulating wheel spindles are made of NI-CR-MO alloy steel, which is normalized and carbonized hardened and ground for longer life and better accuracy. Hydrostatic Babbitt bearings type spindle with a 3-point support design, surrounded by a high pressure oil film, eliminates metal-to-metal contact to provide heavy duty grinding capability as well as high vibration damping performance. A pressure switch interlock prevents spindle start-up until oil pressure is established. This pressure switch interlock also stops the spindle if oil pressure fails for longer spindle life. The regulating wheel travel on double V ways are hand-scraped and Turcite coated for precise and smooth movement to ensure high accuracy and longer way life. Both grinding & regulating wheels equip with hydraulic dressing unit. Dressing speed is infinitely variable. Various profile dressing can be achieved with optional template. Hydraulic dressing unit for the regulating wheel can be rapidly and precisely swiveled up to +/-3 degrees for grinding taper in infeed grinding and for providing better contact between workpiece and grinding wheel to achieve better surface roughness, roundness and cylindricity. The hydraulic system is air cooled to maintain constant oil temperature and separated from machine to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat. Optional automatic loading & unloading for infeed & thrufeed can be custom-built to meet your requirements, allowing the machine can run unattended, at a high production rate, while maintaining tight tolerance. ITEM: 12" x 6" Manual Centerless Grinder MANUFACTURER: SHARP MODEL: CG-1206S Coolant system with Mag. sep. & paper filter (20L/min, 80L) Eject attachment Forming attachment (both sides) Hydraulic auto infeed attachment Grinding wheel (305x150x120) Grinding wheel flange Regulating wheel (205x150x90) Regulating wheel flange Special thrufeed workrest (Ø30-Ø50 mm) Thrufeed blade (various sizes) Infeed workrest (Ø2-Ø50 mm) Infeed blade (various sizes) Balancing stand (Straight type) Input rail & output rail (L:200mm/ea) Long thrufeed guides (L:6ft/ea) w/stands CE Mark Set-up and training is available upon request for an additional charge.


Stock NumberCG-1206S
Work diameter (with special workrest)1.18” ˜ 2”
Wheel Speed1900 RPM
Dressing increment (per graduation)0.0005”
Dressing increment (per revolution)0.05”
Spindle speeds (10 steps)15 ˜ 310 rpm
Handwheel per graduation0.002”
Handwheel per revolution0.2"
Swiveling angle+/- 5 degrees
Inclining angle+5 ˜ - 3 degrees
Rapid feeding of saddle handwheel per graduation0.00125”
Rapid feeding of saddle handwheel per revolution0.25"
Micro feeding of saddle handwheel per graduation0.00005”
Micro feeding of saddle handwheel per revolution0.005”
Hydraulic motor2 HP
Approx. net Weight3,960 lbs.