DIVERSI-TECH Portable Downdraft Tables DD 2X4

DIVERSI-TECH Portable Downdraft Tables DD 2X4

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Please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer DIVERSI-TECH Portable Downdraft Tables DD 2X4 Designed for industrial duty applications, the DD 2' X 4' Downdraft Table is portable, reliable and easy-to-use. Fumes, smoke and dust are captured right at the source so indoor air quality remains uncompromised. Whether you weld, grind, debur, cut, sand, finish, solder, paint or mix, the DD 2' X 4' Downdraft Table provides the perfect, flexible, all-in-one solution. The table also comes fitted with multi-stage spark arrestance baffles, industrial swivel casters and a push-button, reverse-pulse filter cleaning system to reduce maintenance. Choose from a 1.5HP 1500CFM single phase [120V] motor, or 3.0HP 2600CFM three phase [230/460/575V] for higher capture face velocity. Single phase models include a 15’ power cord for plug and play convenience. With many options and accessories available, the DD 2' X 4' Downdraft Table can be custom built to your specific needs. Simple to use, plug and play design Ultra-small footprint & no permanent ducting Capture-at-source for cleaner air Compliant with OSHA guidelines for safe capture of dust, smoke and weld fumes Flexible 32” x 48” worksurface High Capture face velocity (250 FPM) On-demand, reverse pulse cleaning system Multi-stage spark arrestance baffling Industrial swivel-casters ITEM: 2' x 4' Portable Downdraft Tables MANUFACTURER: DIVERSI-TECH MODEL: DD 2X4 Lexan or hinged Side and Back Walls Side stack Silencer Backdraft Hood Dust-proof Light Kit Minihelic Gauge Metal Mesh or Paint Arrestor Pre-filter 2” high Steel Bar Grating ..and more! OPTIONAL MODELS: STANDARD / 3.0 HP - 460V STANDARD / 3.0 HP - 575V WGD / 1.5 HP - 120V WGD / 3.0 HP - 230V WGD / 3.0 HP - 460V WGD / 3.0 HP - 575V SPR / 1.5 HP - 120V SPR / 3.0 HP - 230V SPR / 3.0 HP - 460V SPR / 3.0 HP - 575V PLA / 3.0 HP - 230V PLA / 3.0 HP - 460V PLA / 3.0 HP - 575V CAW / 3.0 HP - 230V CAW / 3.0 HP - 460V CAW / 3.0 HP - 575V


ModelDD 2X4
Stock NumberDD 2X4
DD-2X4-030N277dB@ 5 ft.
DD-2X4-015N1-WGD75dB@ 5 ft.
DD-2X4-030N2-WGD77dB@ 5 ft.
DD-2X4-030S2-SPR77dB@ 5 ft.