VICTOR Radial Drill 1763H

VICTOR Radial Drill 1763H

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  • Hydraulic clamping system of column, arm, and head independently controlled by push button switch. Vertical movement of arm is coordinated by an IC timer
  • Power elevating motor arm with anti-fall safety device
  • Cycling oil pump designed to cool off precision gears inside gearbox and minimize excessive wear and tear on gears to the lowest extent
  • Friction type disc clutch to absorb impact force caused by vertical movement of spindle and effectively protect all transmission units inside gearbox
  • Built-in clutch for quick spindle return to speed up tapping operation
  • Automatic tool ejector device to shift tools efficiently
  • Built-in work light
  • Built-in coolant system


  • Plain box table
  • Work light
  • Coolant system


  • 19014-02: Tilt table 520 x 510 x 570 mm (20.47" x 20" x 22.44") (when ordering with machine)
  • 19014-03: Tilt table 810 x 710 x 610 mm (31.89" x 27.95" x 24") (when ordering with machine)

Design and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



Stock Number1763H
Diameter of column17"
Max distance from column to spindle63"
Min distance from column to spindle13.38"
Travel of spindle head49.63"
Max distance from base to spindle end63"
Min distance from base to spindle end13"
Elevating height of arm35.44"
Effective area of table27-5/8" x 19-5/8" x 15-3/4"
Dimensions of base97-5/8" x 41-11/32" x 8-1/4"
Drilling steel2.25"
Drilling cast iron2.625"
Tapping steel2"
Tapping cast iron2.375"
Boring steel5"
Boring cast iron7.375"
Taper hole sppindleMT #5
Stroke of spindle14 - 9/16"
R.P.M of spindle (rpm x steps)40 - 1,920 rpm x 12 steps
Feed of spindle (rev. x steps)0.0028", 0.0378" x 6 steps
Main motor7.5 HP, 3 phase
Elevating motor2 HP
Clamping motor for column and gear box1 HP
Coolant pump1/8 HP
Max. machine height from floor124-7/8"
Shipping Dimensions112" x 53" x 117"
Net Weight11,220 lbs.
Shipping Weight12,540 lbs