AKYAPAK Angle Bending Roll APK 101-DRO

AKYAPAK Angle Bending Roll APK 101-DRO

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Optional Models:

  • APK 101-DRO Angle Roll: *List Price $48,000 - 5% = $45,600
  • APK 101-NC Angle Roll: $57,000
  • APK 101-CNC Angle Roll: $59,000

Our machines are strong and reliable with their St-52 weld construction body. Minimum flexion causes less deformation, by the help of our machines’ enlarged roll diameters. By the help of big measurements of bearings, durability and high bending momentum can be obtained. Hydraulic cylinders’ power enables to bend the bigger parts without any difficulty. Practical and universal rollers create the possibility of easiness about bending various kinds of angles, and this feature gives the opportunity of being more powerful and firm. Our Angle Bending Rolls are 3 Rolls driven. This feature allows having the possibility of making, the high capaticied bending processes, real. Secondly, our 3 Rolls Driven machine minimizes the slip of the materials during the bending process. Hydraulic Guide Rolls can move towards three directions, to reduce the deformations and to facilitate bending processes, especially about angles and spirals. There are private productions up to the customers’ demands on Big Angle Bending Machines, in addition to standard production. For instance; The distance between the rolls can be lengthened to increase the bending capability. Three rolls can be produced as driven by separate gearboxes and hydraulic motors. (Except APK 360 & 550 on which this system exists) The movement of lower rolls and the rotation movement can be done in the same time with some hydraulic arrangements. The lower rolls’, rotation’s and hydraulic guide rolls’ movements can be arranged according to each other. Placement of the hydraulic tank up to the customer’s demand. Assembling the control panel on the machine body. Lower rolls’ movements can be adjusted too slowly for sensitive bending. The bending speed can be increased. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US

OPTIONAL ITEMS: Special Guide Rolls for Angle Materials Two Speeds Variable speed of rotation Hydraulic Guide Rolls Digital Readout for Guide Rolls NC Control System (AK 300CS3) CNC Control System (AK 400CS3) Digital Display for Hydraulic Guide Rolls: Digital displays show the positioning of hydraulic guide rolls which makes bending process easier for the operators. The maximum positions of hydraulic guide rolls can be limited from those control panels. So that hydraulic guide rolls do not go up to the maximum available positions. Hydraulic Pulling System: While bending H-I-U profiles in hard-way, there occur a big force on weaker side of these profiles which results in enormous deformation. In order to prevent this deformation, hydraulic pulling system is developed by AKYAPAK. This system consists of hydraulic pulling arm, arm guide for channels, arm guide beams and special rolls suitable for bending H-I-U profiles. Arm Guide : This equipment is mounted on the hydraulic pulling arm. Same arm guide can be used for H and I profiles. But it is necessary to use different arm guide for U profiles. Arm Guide Rolls These equipments are mounted on the arm guide. These rolls are different according to each type and size of the profiles. Control System AKYAPAK/AKBEND has been carrying on its investments on innovating and developing the AK 300 and AK 400 CNC control systems, for more than 12 years with the aim of presenting the most user-friendly solutions and widest operational possibilities which can be referred as mile-stone for plate rolls’ control systems. The experience of long standing R&D works realized by Akyapak has brought us to the peak of excellence in control systems and most of the sales of plate rolls are being converted to computerized machines which is the biggest sign of existing trust of our customers to our AK 300 and AK 400 CNC Control systems. AK - 300 NC Control This system is an NC program that developed by Akyapak Machinery. This type of NC Control Systems can be integrated to machines easily and they present wide operational opportunities with their ‘’playback’’ and ‘’direct’’ programming abilities. AK 300 NC Control Systems are based on PLC and interface on a PC. This system provides opportunities to control up to 7 axises’ motions. By recording first rolling process, program will make rolling hundreds of plates possible as same as the first recorded one. Possibility of erasing or adapting a step widens usage range of this type of control system. There are two ways to record those: Playback Programming: This is quite easy programming method. It is enough to know how to roll plates. When a program is started, machine brings plates to reference points and holds on till operator starts rolling. The NC program itself recognizes what is done on machines by operators and copies operations directly into computers’ memories, automatically. All previous realized steps are repeated in following rolling operations and that is done by program automatically. This feature helps users to obtain similar results for high quantity productions. The biggest advantage of this system: Possibility of erasing or adapting a step widens usage range of this type of control system. Directly Programming – Step by step Programming : Coordinate values are entered for 3 main axis by operator. The system works automatically according to those values. Needs more experience compared to other methods. AK - 400 CNC Control AK 400 system is based on PLC and works with software on pc. To roll parts into various radiuses, radiuses on those plates, arcs and arc lengths are entered to program. In accordance with the entered data, system itself, can calculate approximate positions of axis. Corrections can be done on positions if required. Interface software Works with a pc and AKYAPAK prefers to make this fixed. This system has also the feature of self-learning / repeating first rolling as explained in NC Control Systems. Operators have the opportunity to remake a program which w as made before. Bottom roll pressure adjustments are able to be done from screens. Once any step of programming is required to be edited, the changes done on a line can also be seen from the 3D drawing with a different color, so the recognition of correction becomes easier by operator. Operators are able to see what corrections are being implemented both in programming and representing 3D drawing. This feature is available only on AKYAPAK AK 400 CNC control system can give the opportunity to step into program corrections and makes those corrections easier compared to any other existing control system models.

*The dimensions can be changed according to the position of hydraulic tank.

*Data based upon steel 34,000 PSI yield point.

*Pictures shown in this offer are just for demonstration, might be with or without optional equipments.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



ModelAPK 101-DRO
Stock NumberAPK 101-DRO
Max. section modulus (inch)2.7-4.9
Roll Diameter Ø12.4"
Shaft Ø4"
Bending Speed16.5' per/min
Motor Power (HP)15
Length x Width x Height57" x 66" x 48"
Weight5,000 lbs.