AKYAPAK Angle Bending Roll APK 121-DRO

AKYAPAK Angle Bending Roll APK 121-DRO


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AKYAPAK L5" x 5" x 5/8" Angle Bending Roll APK 121-DRO

Available Models:

  • APK 121-DRO Angle Roll, Hydraulic guide rolls, hardened rolls, stretching device: *List Price $75,000 - 5% = $71,250
  • APK 121-CNC Angle Roll, Hydraulic guide rolls, hardened rolls, stretching device: $86,000


  •  Our machines are strong and reliable with their St-52 weld construction body. Minimum flexion causes less deformation, by the help of our machines’ enlarged roll diameters. By the help of big measurements of bearings, durability and high bending momentum can be obtained. Hydraulic cylinders’ power enables to bend the bigger parts without any difficulty. Practical and universal rollers create the possibility of easiness about bending various kinds of profiles, and this feature gives the opportunity of being more powerful and firm.
  • Our Profile Bending Machines are 3 Rolls driven. This feature allows having the possibility of making, the high capaticied bending processes, real. Secondly, our 3 Rolls Driven machine minimizes the slip of the materials during the bending process.
  • Hydraulic Guide Rolls can move towards three directions, to reduce the deformations and to facilitate bending processes, especially about angles and spirals.
  • There are private productions up to the customers’ demands on Big Profile Bending Machines, in addition to standard production. For instance;
  • The distance between the rolls can be lengthened to increase the bending capability.
  • Three rolls can be produced as driven by separate gearboxes and hydraulic motors. (Except APK 360 & 550 on which this system exists)
  • The movement of lower rolls and the rotation movement can be done in the same time with some hydraulic arrangements.
  • The lower rolls’, rotation’s and hydraulic guide rolls’ movements can be arranged according to each other.
  • Placement of the hydraulic tank up to the customer’s demand.
  • Assembling the control panel on the machine body.
  • Lower rolls’ movements can be adjusted too slowly for sensitive bending.
  • The bending speed can be increased.
  • Swing Guides: The most important point to be stared at regarding our four rolls machines’ design is about rolling plates through the powers transmitted from side rolls while same plate is pinched between top and bottom rolls. Side Rolls get their motion abilities from Hydraulic Cylinders, in other words rolling force of machines lean on Hydraulic Cylinders; can be referred as main source of rolling power.
  • Level arm System exists for enhancing forces coming out from hydraulic cylinders. Thus cylinder powers are multiplied by the help of level arm system and as result energy saving can be obtained. Side rolls which are merged around their axes move upwards archly through top roll of machines in this system. This provides the opportunity of making pre-bending, faster and more proper. The flat portions left on edges of plates after rolling are short
  • Rolls: The most important parts of a profile bending machine are its shafts. The shafts used on an AKBEND APK machines are made of special steel. The surface of the rolls are hardened and grounded.
  • Rolls are made of high quality certificated steel materials according to DIN Norms. Rolls are hardened by the method of induction with hardening values between 50 – 60 HRC, and then they are polished for end usage.
  • Flexions may occur while rolling operations are implemented for the reason of opposite directional forces against forces applied on plates.
  • Depending on customers’ demands, extended rolls can be produced, to roll various types of profiles. That is not recommended technically, as many years of experiences have shown us, results obtained are not much satisfactory and professional after rolling processes are done.
  • Housing of the Rolls: All rolls are mounted in self-aligning ball roller bearings. Self-aligning ball roller bearings are practicable to carry extreme loads. By having the feature of angular motion, those bearings make conical motion of rolls possible. High accuracy and durability are protected even under hard operation conditions. 
  • As an outcome of housing with bearings, friction forces are reduced down and energy saving is provided. That refers to the meaning of reducer powers are directly transmitted to rolls to realize rolling operations without losing them for the reason of friction powers.
  • Gearboxes: The brands of gearboxes we use are BREVINI, DINAMIC OIL, SOM etc… The other brands attach rotation gears to the male-output gearboxes’ tips. Radial weights effect reducer shafts in this application and those weights reduces the durability of reducers.
  • AKYAPAK APK machines are equipped with slewing type reducers, which are harmonious to the operations in hard conditions. Those types can be seen specifically in cranes. The most important specification of those reducers is the gear part which is whole in a single piece with gearbox shaft. Geared shaft is made of a special material. Gear system is strengthened to carry heavier loads and this is realized by shortened gear tips.
  • Momentum of Rolling: There are hydraulic motors planetary gear boxes connected to side and top rolls, providing rolling momentums. Planetary gear boxes are connected to rolls directly. Thus momentum can be conducted to rolls and to plates being rolled without any getting any loss
  • Hydraulic Guide Rolls: Guide rolls are designed / produced with 3 directional movement capabilities. All movements are hydraulic. Guide rolls’ are mounted in special graphite bronze plates. Guide rolls are manufactured from solid steels and induction hardening treatments are applied
  • Hydraulic System: Hydraulic system is designed to do all motions of profile bending machines. Hydraulic tanks are isolated from external effects to keep lubricants inside, clear. Electrical level switches are used with an aim to check lubricant levels, filled in hydraulic tanks. Rotation (or pressure filter if required) filters keep lubricant clear continuously.
  • Piping installment is designed to keep pressure losses at minimum level, make assembly – disassembly easily, provide the best leak tightness.
  • Hydraulic System: Hydraulic system is designed to do all motions of profile bending machines. Hydraulic tanks are isolated from external effects to keep lubricants inside, clear. Electrical level switches are used with an aim to check lubricant levels, filled in hydraulic tanks. Rotation (or pressure filter if required) filters keep lubricant clear continuously.
  • Piping installment is designed to keep pressure losses at minimum level, make assembly – disassembly easily, provide the best leak tightness.
  • Control Panel: All motions of machines can be controlled from control panels. By means of being mobile, machines can be operated from any desired point around them. Standard digital readout shows present positions and maximum
  • possible positions of right and left rolls. In addition to all these, according to having additional options, control panel button quantity gets more.
  • Safety: In any emergency case, there are easy reachable equipment used for turning machines off.
  • Those are ‘’Emergency stop buttons’’ which are on control panels and on request located on machines. Furthermore all electrical and hydraulic precautions are taken against overloads.
  • Digital Display Digital displays show positioning of lower rolls and highest positions of lower rolls can be limited from those control panels. So that lower rolls do not go up to the maximum available positions
  • Two speeds for lower rolls’ up & down movement: There are two different rolling speeds as slow and fast speeds. Those speeds can be adjusted from control panels. Slow speed is especially used to do pre-bending more proper to give better results
  • Electrical System: Electrical system is designed to control all motions of profile bending machines. Power circuits and control circuits are isolated from each other. There are spaces, inside of electric panels, determined according to standards. Installation inputs of electrical panels are isolated from external effects by couplings. Seals are used on covers to keep dust away from electrical panels. All precautions are taken against overloads
  • Maintenance: Usage of non-lubrication required components; durable parts reduce the costs and the periods down to minimum. Thus the possibilities of early wearing out are reduced to minimum which are caused by lack of maintenance.
  • Package: Machines are prepared by getting covered with stretch films for transportations to be done with trucks. Rolls are greased with special lubricant against getting rusty. All required parts of machines are greased with special lubricant against getting rusty and covered with stretch films for overseas transportations. Timber pallets are affixed to bottom surfaces of machines which are also fixed on grounds of trucks.
  • Service and Spare Parts: Spare parts are always available in our stocks for almost 99% of them. Any demand coming to the service department of ours, will be answered with exact required solutions, shortly. In case of a need, you can reach our service department for any kind of your technical queries and spare part requirements.
  • BODY CONSTRUCTION: At the time of rolling process on a profile bending machine, all the load pressure falls on the hydraulic cylinders and the body construction.
  • Body construction is very important for the quality of the rolling process and also for the durability of the hard working conditions.
  • That is why AKYPAK uses certified, well-known and accepted St-52 welded steel construction for body frames. We use housing pins for reducing the load pressures on the body frame at rolling process. The frames which carry the loads on pins are made by high quality and high durability welded ST-52 construction. Also there are supporting tools for increasing the efficiency of the housing pin surfaces. Thus the deformation at the pin holes had been prevented in this way and the accuracy of pin’s movement is increased.
  • But at the linear guide system machine types, all the load pressure falls on the hydraulic cylinders and body frames. For this strong pressure the guides might be very big and large. Unfortunately, on this kind of machines, the guide surfaces are generally narrow, this causes non-uniform distribution of load pressure, and this increases the frictional resistance. So it is a good reason for deformations between guides and body frame. Also the rolling power is a good reason for stretching of body frames due to the guides’ angle.
  • The strong point of body is too bottom because of the height of hydraulic cylinders and linear guides. This stretches the upper body frame also free place occurs in the housing of linear guides. By the time of progress the linear guides work loosely because of free places at housings.
  • The shafts are made of special steel (42CrMo4), hardened and grounded. We supply 3 standard rolls, one for each shaft. The surface of the rolls will not be damaged for years, even though the machine is used for heavy-duty applications. We also recommend the featured Akyapak rolls for accurate and special bending requirements such as tubes, angles, beams, etc. 
  • All Akyapak machines are produced in our own facilities. The shafts, rolls and gear system of the machine are processed with cutting-edge technology CNC machines. The entire process from design to shipment is performed by high qualified and experienced Akyapak staffs. Our attention to the quality process is one the key aspects of our business. 

*The dimensions can be changed according to the position of hydraulic tank.

*Data based upon steel 34,000 PSI yield point.

*Pictures shown in this offer are just for demonstration, might be with or without optional equipments.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



ModelAPK 121-DRO
Stock NumberAPK 121-DRO
Max. section modulus4.3-7.3
Roll Diameter Ø15.4"
Shaft Ø4.75"
Bending Speed13' per/min
Motor Power (HP)20
Length x Width x Height78" x 80" x 57"
Weight10,400 lbs.