DoALL DS-600SA Dual Miter Semi-Automatic Band Saw

DoALL DS-600SA Dual Miter Semi-Automatic Band Saw

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DoALL 18 inch Dual Miter Semi-Automatic Band Saw DS-600SA

  • Machine Capacity: w 23.5" x h 18" (600mm x 460mm)
  • Round Tube: 18" (460mm)
  • Production Level: Intermediate/Medium
  • Standard Features: Dual-Swivel Head To 60 Degrees (L&R), Digital Touch Screen Controls, Hydraulic Variable Vise Pressure and Mist Lubrication
  • The DoALL DS-600SA is ideal for fabrication shops, repair facilities and industrial manufacturing plants that cut tubing and structural shapes. A large variety of optional accessories are available to customize the machine for specific sawing requirements.
  • DS-600SA is semi-automatic, dual-miter metal-cutting band saw is designed for straight and angled cuts. Miter angle cuts are possible up to 60° left and right. A Mitsubishi digital controller comes standard, loaded with proprietary DoALL operating software and makes it easy to verify exact cutting angles and streamline the production of parts.
  • Operator Control Console - Control console can be positioned for operator comfort and safety insuring hands are away from blade at band start.
  • Mitsubishi Touch Screen Panel - The touch screen control panel displays the cutting cycle indicator, blade tension indicator, BRP (overfeed protection) function, band speed, head angle, band drive amp load and a list of error messages allowing the operator to monitor machine functions.
  • Saw Head Design - The robust head is mounted at a 2-degree slope which decreases tooth load at the end of the cut increasing band life.
  • Direct Driven Band Drive - Drive is comprised of an electric VFD controlled motor transferring power through a gear reduction unit directly to the drive wheel eliminating belt slippage and giving positive torque to the blade.
  • Semi-Automatic Cycle - Programmable cycle allows the operator the ability to control hydraulic on-off, saw head movement after the cut, head raise limit through programmable set point, band drive on-off, and vise clamp-unclamp after the cut maximizing productivity.
  • Automatic Overload Feed Protection - BRP function monitors band drive motor amperage stopping head fall when operator set parameter is reached signaling overfeed or a dull saw band. Band Wheels - Cast steel wheels insure band tracking and long life.
  • Hydraulic Clamping Vise - Full stroke, hydraulic vise can be positioned on either side of band allowing maximum clamping close to the cut line eliminating material movement and tooth strippage.
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension - Illuminating indicator prevents the possible error of over/under-tightening the band for maximum cutting rates and band life.
  • Band Brush - Driven band brush removes the chips from the blade gullets which would prevent the blade from attaining maximum cutting rates and blade life.
  • Counter Balance Spring - Counter balance springs maintain constant head weight throughout the cut keeping the blade tooth load equal aiding in maximum blade life.
  • Head Turn Table - Manual position of the saw head is accomplished by releasing the lock mechanism and rotating the head to the desired angle monitored on the digital display.
  • Warranty - One-year parts only subject to terms and conditions. Optional 10-year warranty with DoALL Cut Above 10 Year Warranty


  • Dual swivel head to 60 left to 60 degrees right
  • Semi- Automatic cycle
  • Movable control console
  • Rapid head down approach
  • Carbide faced saw guide inserts
  • Programmable material height sensor
  • Full stroke hydraulic vise
  • Driven band cleaning brushes
  • Infinite band speed controlled by variable frequency drive
  • Heavy duty counter balance springs
  • Cast Steel band wheels
  • Fine adjustment head feed control
  • Spring loaded detent positioning
  • Hydraulic band tension
  • Recirculating coolant system
  • Mist band lubricator system
  • Digitally displayed angle position
  • Variable Vise Pressure
  • 2 degree cant design
  • Saw blade guards
  • Band door interlocks
  • Operation and parts manuals on USB stick
  • Recommended band speed chart
  • One (1) complimentary DoALL Bi Metal saw blade
  • Complimentary DoALL Cutting Fluids package


  • 6.6 ft (2000mm) Heavy-duty input conveyor for angle cutting with drip pan/gutter -
  • 24.4" (620mm) cylinder width - 1142 lbs/ft or 1700kg/m capacity
  • 6.6 ft (2000mm) Heavy-duty output conveyor for angle cutting with drip
  • pan/gutter - 24.4" (620mm) cylinder width - 1142 lbs/ft or 1700kg/m capacity
  • 6.6 ft (2000mm) Input or output conveyor with drip pan/gutter - 24.4" (620mm)
  • cylinder width - 672 lbs/ft or 1000kg/m capacity
  • 5 ft Medium-duty idler conveyor 24" between frames roller capacity 850 Ibs
  • 10 ft Medium-duty idler conveyor 24" between frames roller capacity 850 Ibs
  • Additional conveyor roller
  • Single fixed vertical guide roller - (280mm) cylinder width - 7.9" (200mm) height -
  • Mounts to the RDT
  • Single adjustable horizontal conveyor roller 24.4" (620mm)
  • Hydraulic vertical clamp for nesting
  • Laser line generator
  • 5 ft. Tape work stop (Mounts on Conveyor)
  • 10 ft. Tape work stop (Mounts on Conveyor)
  • 5 ft. Digital work stop (Mounts on Conveyor)
  • 10 ft. Digital work stop (Mounts on Conveyor)
  • Wear parts service kit - contains wear plates, guides, band brushes
  • Magnetic wand chip remover
  • Additional USB stick of manuals
  • A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) is an independent third-part laboratory recognized by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to test and certify products to applicable product safety standards
  • Four (4) hours installation and operator training

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



Stock NumberDS-600SA
Machine Capacityw 23.5" x h 18" (600mm x 460mm)
Round Tube18" (460mm)
Production LevelIntermediate/Medium
Saw Blade: Width x Length1-1/2" x 212"
Band Drive - Motor HP5 HP
Band Drive - Band Speed65-328 fpm
Band Drive - Band TensionHydraulic
Hydraulic System - Motor Hp1 HP
Hydraulic System - Reservoir Size3 Gallon
Coolant systemFlood coolant & Mist Lubricator
Coolant system - Motor Hp.07 Hp
Coolant system - Reservoir Size5 Gallons
Indexer - Length Per-StrokeNA
Indexer - Maximum Index Strokes LengthNA
Indexer - Remnant LengthNA
Floor Space Dimensions - W x L X H136" x 45" x 65"
Floor Space Dimensions - Material Pass Height31.5"
Floor Space Dimensions - Machine Weight2,646 lbs.
Electrical - Voltage Requirement460V-60Hz-3ph, Wye configuration
Electrical - Total Amp Draw (FLA)9 Amps