SHARP M24-Series Heavy Duty Big Bore Lathe 4000M - More Sizes Available

SHARP M24-Series Heavy Duty Big Bore Lathe 4000M - More Sizes Available

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SHARP 40" x 60" - 240" M24-Series Heavy Duty Big Bore Lathes


  • 4060M: 40" x 60"
  • 4080M: 40" x 80"
  • 40120M: 40" x 120"
  • 40160M: 40" x 160"
  • 40200M: 40" x 200"
  • 40240M: 40" x 240"


  • The big bore lathe is ideal for large pipe works in oil fields and big valves works. This series offers spindle bores up to 15” , center distance range from 60” to 315”. The machine bed is 24” wide. Double chucks are available for holding extra long and large work pieces.
  • Swing over bedways: 40", 50", 60", 70", 80"
  • Bet centers: 60" – 315"
  • Spindle bore: 6" standard, 9", 12", 15", optional
  • Spindle motor: 30 HP, larger HP available
  • Bed width: 24"
  • Massive one- piece casting machine base

Three points support headstock spindle:

  • The headstock casting is designed with one ball bearing and two tapered roller bearings supporting the full length of the spindle shaft.
  • Spindle bore sizes are available in 6”, 9” and 12” , 15”
  • Gears and shafts are made from hardened and ground alloy steel, the spindle is made from forged, chrome alloy material.

Solid one piece casting base:

  • The one piece casting bed is fully ribbed to prevent distortion under heavy cutting conditions. The base casting of the headstock is ribbed to withstand stress and distortion due to heavy machining conditions
  • The oversized 24” wide bedways are induction hardened and ground for long lasting accuracy.
  • An additional third bed way is provided on the front of the bed, giving extra support to the carriage during heavy cutting conditions

Double Chuck, Gear Box:

  • The headstock can accommodate double chucks when necessary.
  • The fully enclosed quick change gear box allows easy change of wide range of inch, metric, MP and DP threads without exchanging gears.

Power Tailstock:

  • Tailstock is equipped with a 2 step quill feed for ease of infeed. Large hand crank allows convenient positioning of tailstock.
  • For larger models, motorized quill feed and power drive tailstock units are available as options. (picture shows optional power driven tailstock unit)


  • 16 Spindle speed
  • 2 stage spindle start up
  • Headstock oil bath system
  • Electro magnetic brake
  • Lubrication system
  • Coolant system
  • Manual tailstock
  • Steady rest 16”
  • Work lamp


  • 3 jaw chuck, different sizes
  • 4 jaw chuck, different sizes
  • Steady rest, larger sizes
  • Follow rest, different sizes
  • Face plate with 4 jaws, different sizes
  • Rear chuck adapter
  • 40 HP, 50 HP in lieu of 30 HP motor
  • Taper Attachment
  • Digital Readout System

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



Stock Number4060M
Swing over bed40 in. (1,016 mm)
Swing over cross slide27.95 in. (709.93 mm)
Swing over gap57.09 in. (1450.08 mm)
Distance between centers60 in. (1,524 mm)
Spindle Speed
No. of Spindle Speeds
Spindle nose
Spindle bore
Inch Threads, Number0.25-30 tpi, 70
Metric Threads, Number1-120 mm, 62
Modular Threads, Number0.25-30 M.P., 53
Diametral Pitch Threads, Number1-120 D.P., 70
Longitudinal Feeds0.0024-0.28 in/rev (0.0609-7.11 mm/rev)
Cross Feeds0.0012-0.14 in/rev (0.0304-3.55 mm/rev)
Leadscrew Pitch, Diameter2 tpi, 2.36 in.
Cross slide travel23.6 in. (599.4 mm)
Compound Travel14.57 in. (370.07 mm)
Compound Width31.5 in. (800.1 mm)
Bed Length133.86 in. (3,400.04 mm)
Bed width24 in. (609.6 mm)
Quill Diameter4.53 in. (115.06 mm)
Quill Travel12 in. (304.8 mm)
Quill Center TaperMT #6
Spindle Motor30 HP (22.37 Kw)
Approximate Weight17,160 lbs. (7783.6 Kg)
Dimensions11.8 x 6.72 x 4.89 ft. (3.59x2.04x1.49M)