SHARP TMV-DVS Vertical Knee Mill

SHARP TMV-DVS Vertical Knee Mill

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SHARP 10" x 54" TMV-DVS Vertical Knee Mill

  • This model is constructed with box ways. The vertical head is equipped with Digital Variable Speed.
  • This model has many unique features compared with most of the similar machines on the market.
  • The quill is CNC ground to a mirror finish and chromed to fit the housing resulting in close to jig bore accuracy for quill downfeed.
  • Tapered gibs installed on the ways allows easy adjustment for long term usage.
  • The feed handles are designed to spin free which eliminates the friction between the operator’s hand and the feed handle.
  • The bottom of the saddle, instead of the top of the knee ways, which rides on the knee, is hand scraped for better oil retention and prevent dirt and chips from embedded in the knee ways.
  • 10 x 54 ins table, 16.3 x 39 ins travel
  • R-8 spindle, 3 hp ,
  • Digital Variable Speed (60-4,500 rpm)
  • Spindle runout of no more than 0.0002” TIR
  • Hardened and ground box ways, column, base
  • Head tilt side to side, up and down
  • One shot lubrication with back flow valve
  • Tapered gibs for adjustment
  • Dual clamps on knee and saddle that locks the knee and table evenly to the column and saddle to avoid skewing. Handles on the clamp are adjustable to 12 different positions.
  • Box Ways: Hardened and Ground box ways on the vertical column and base offer extra support under heavy cutting conditions.
  • Digital Variable Speed Head: Easy speed change. Just turn the knob
  • Machine works on Single Phase or 3 phase motor
  • Low voltage control
  • Safety feature includes preventing self-start after power failure of E stop

Better motor shaft support: Roller Bearing Support at the bottom of the motor shaft ensures proper loading, support and alignment of the spindle. It also prevents the distortion of the belts due to tension from long years of milling operation.

Improved design of Backlash Eliminator: Backlash Eliminator By Double Nut Design replaces the older design that squeezes a split nut to get rid of backlash. Sharp is the first one to use a double nut design that keeps the feed screw in contact with a pair of bronze nuts. Using a custom tool supplied with the mill, the feed nuts are adjusted to control backlash and held tight with a retaining nut and locking ring.

  • Patented Knuckle Head design: The New Patented Knuckled-Head Design prevents the head from slipping. The Sharp mills have a knuckle which uses 6 bolts, 3 each side, fitted into circular T-slots with matching nuts securing them from the outside. It locks the head in place for better accuracy and performance than the old design using only 3 bolts to squeeze the casting to hold the head without the T-slots. (Patent No. 5044054)


  • One Shot Lube System
  • Hard-Chromed Ways
  • Front and Rear Rubber Way Covers
  • Tool box with tools
  • Wired 220V or 440V (Specify)


  • Auto Lube Pump with 2 Adjustments
  • “Sharp” Power Table Feed with Safety Handle
  • “Sharp” Power Cross Feed with Safety Handle
  • “Sharp” Power Knee Feed with Safety Handle
  • 6 in. “Kurt” Vise with Swivel Base
  • Right Angle Milling Attachment with Arbor
  • Power Table Feed with Safety Handle (X-Axis
  • Power Cross Feed with Safety Handle (Y-Axis)
  • Power Knee Feed with Safety Handle (Z-Axis)
  • Drill Chuck & Drill Arbor
  • 6 in. Riser Block
  • Coolant System with Chip Pan (pump included
  • “Maxi Torque Rite” Power Draw Bar Clamping Kit (52 pcs/Steel Rack)
  • Halogen Work light
  • CE mark
  • 380V and 575 V transformer
  • UL components upgrade with electrical box
  • UL compliance certificate under State of California
  • Digital Readout System

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



Stock NumberTMV-DVS
Table Size10 x 54 in.
T-slots (No., Size, Pitch)3, 5/8, 2.5 in.
Table Travel : X Longitudinal39 in.
Table travel : Y Cross16.3 in.
Quill travel: Z Vertical5 in.
Ram Travel18.5 in.
Knee travel : Vertical15.3 in.
Spindle Nose to Table Top5.37-16.9 in.
Spindle Nose TaperR-8
Spindle Variable Speed Range60 - 4500 rpm
Spindle Motor (220V/440V)3 HP
Quill Feed (Inch/Min)(3 speeds)0.0015, 0.003, 0.005 in.
Quill Diameter3.37 in.
Head Tilt Angle (L/R)90°
Head Tilt Angle (Up/Down)45°
Floor Area (W x D x H)5.83 x 6.25 x 7.64 ft.
Approximate Weight3,000 lbs.
Power Consumption (220V)3 KVA/8 amps
Power Consumption (440V)3 KVA/4 amps