SHARP TMV-FC3 3-Axis CNC Vertical Knee Mill

SHARP TMV-FC3 3-Axis CNC Vertical Knee Mill

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SHARP TMV-FC-3 3-Axis 10 x 50 inch CNC Vertical Knee Mill

  • This is a simple, easy to use 3 axes CNC control vertical mill. Ball screws and servo drives are installed for longitudinal and cross travel. 3 axes Digital Readout System are installed on the table, saddle and quill. The FAGOR CNC has G code and conversational type programming with Teach-In Mode. The CNC system is built on the top quality SHARP vertical mills frame.
  • 10 x 54” table, 15.5 x 31x 5” travel, vari speed 3 HP, R-8 spindle
  • FAGOR 8055i CNC 3 axes control (Longitudinal, Cross)
  • G code and conversational type programming
  • 3 axes precision ball screws
  • Auto lube system
  • 3 axes Digital Readout System (table, saddle, quill)

Fagor Turnkey CNC System w/ Software and Hardware:

  • 10.4” color monitor
  • 512 MB compact flash, 1 MB RAM
  • conversational and G-code programming with teach-in mode.
  • On-board profile editor for easy blue print programming
  • complex profiles (mini CAD/CAM), 3 D contouring capabilities
  • Communication includes RS-232, DNC, USB and Ethernet card (option)


  • FAGOR 8055i 3 axes CNC system
  • 3 axes ball screws and servo drives
  • Auto lube system
  • 3 axes Digital Readout system
  • Cross Way cover


  • 6” “Kurt” Vise with Swivel Base
  • Drill chuck
  • Sharp Power Kneel
  • Coolant System with Chip Pan At Base
  • Power Draw Bar
  • R-8 Collet (Set of 11) – 1/8” – 3/4” by 1/16”
  • Clamping Kit (52 pcs/steel rack)
  • Halogen Work light
  • Riser block 6
  • FAGOR CNC Control Optional Items:
  • Spindle Interface: Start / forward / reverse control. RPM control.
  • Coolant on/off interface.
  • 110 volt transformer ( if 110 V is not available for the control
  • Remote hand wheel (MPG/100P).
  • Ethernet network port.
  • Upgrades: 2GB compact flash memory. 1M RAM memory. 8055i-PLUS faster CPU.
  • 440 V transformer
  • 4th axes Digital Readout System (on knee)

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Stock NumberTMV-FC3
Table Size10 x 54 in.
T-slots (No., Size, Pitch)3, 5/8 in.
Table Travel : X Longitudinal31 in.
Table travel : Y Cross15.5 in.
Quill travel: Z Vertical5 in.
Ram Travel18.5 in.
Knee travel : Vertical15.3 in.
Spindle Center to Column9.8-28.3 in.
Spindle Nose to Table Top1.6-16.9 in.
Spindle Nose TaperR-8
Spindle Variable Speed Range60 - 4500 rpm
Spindle Motor (220V/440V)3 HP
Quill Feed (Inch/Min)(3 speeds)0.0015, 0.003, 0.005 in.
Head Tilt Angle (L/R)90°
Head Tilt Angle (Up/Down)45°
Floor Area (W x D x H)5.83 x 6.25 x 7.33 ft.
Approximate Weight3,300 lbs.
Power Consumption (220V)3 KVA/8 amps
Power Consumption (440V)3 KVA/4 amps