VICTOR 4500RF Series Big Bore Heavy-Duty Lathes - More Sizes Available

VICTOR 4500RF Series Big Bore Heavy-Duty Lathes - More Sizes Available

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VICTOR 4500RF Series 45" x 60" - 240" Big Bore Heavy-Duty Lathes

  • Victor 4500RF series lathe is designed to provide outstanding performance and structural rigidity with large 6.02" spindle bore suitable for turning and cutting a large workpiece.
  • 6.02" spindle bore is designed for large chucking capability
  • Carbonized and precision ground Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel gears and shafts
  • The precision ground spindle is supported by high precision bearings suitable for both heavy and precision cutting
  • One piece structure bed to enhance the machine life and working performance
  • High tensile ribbed wide bed with hardened and precision ground bed ways for rigidity and low vibration
  • Universal gearbox for inch, metric, D.P., and module threading without changing gears
  • Oil bath lubrication and built-in safety clutch safeguard the continuous and proper operation of the gearbox
  • Automatic forced lubrication system in the headstock
  • Control of the main drive through the electromagnetic brake
  • Tailstock is equipped with a two-speed quill that is suitable for heavy duty and easy drilling work
  • Automatic lubrication device built inside the apron
  • An overload safety device to protect feeding and threading operations
  • 4-way power rapid traverse       


  • Center sleeve
  • Dead center M.T. #6
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Coolant system
  • Tailstock with a two-speed quill
  • Removable gap
  • 4-way power rapid traverse
  • Leveling screws and pads
  • Manual and parts list
  • Tool box with tools  


  • Steady rest with rollers
  • 4-way power rapid traverse
  • Double chuck system
  • Auto lube system
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • 4-way tool post
  • Halogen work light


  • 9” spindle bore (A2-15) upgrade
  • 12” spindle bore (A2-20) upgrade
  • 15” 3-jaw chuck (A2-11)
  • 15” zero-set 3-jaw chuck with A2-11 back plate
  • 20” 3-jaw chuck (A2-11)
  • 21” zero-set 3-jaw chuck with A2-11 back plate
  • 20” 4-jaw chuck (A2-11)
  • 25” 4-jaw chuck (A2-11)
  • 25” 4-jaw steel body independent chuck (A2-11)
  • 32” 4-jaw steel body independent chuck (A2-11)
  • Steady rest w/ rollers 11.80” capacity
  • Steady rest w/ rollers 23.50” capacity
  • Follow rest
  • 40” face plate with 4-jaw (A2-11)
  • Micro carriage stop
  • Taper turning attachment
  • Full length splash guard
  • Quick change tool set 1-1/2” (one tool post & 4 holders, #1,2,4D,7)

Design and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



Stock Number4560RF
Swing over bed:45"
Swing over cross slide:33.46"
Swing over gap:67"
Bed width:26"
Distance between centers:59.06"
Spindle bore diameter:6.02" (9.06" Opt.)
Taper of center in sleeve:M.T. #6
Spindle nose:A2-11 (Opt. 9.06" or 12.20" bore is A2-20)
Number of spindle speeds:12 Steps
Range of spindle speeds (rpm):4 ~ 400 rpm
Range of longitudinal feeds:0.004" ~ 0.40"/rev.
Range of cross feeds:0.002" ~ 0.20"/rev.
Inch threads:1/4 ~ 30 TPI x 70 kinds
Metric threads:1 ~ 120 mm x 62 kinds
Cross slide travel:25"
Compound slide travel:16.50"
Tailstock taper center:M.T. #6
Tailstock quill travel:13.38"
Main motor:30 HP, 3 Phase
Coolant pump:1/8 HP
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)160" x 80" x 80"
Gross weight18,080 lbs.