PRIMELINE S200B12 Hydraulic CNC Press Brake

PRIMELINE S200B12 Hydraulic CNC Press Brake


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PRIMELINE 200 Ton x 12' CNC Hydraulic Press Brake S200B12 

  • DNC Servo Hydraulic Press Brake Forming System, Motorized WILA Crowning, CE Manual AKAS Safety, 8” Table, ESA 630 Control, 85ᵒ punch and die. Punch tip radius 0.8mm
  • FOB Warehouse MD
  • Frame is a robust, welded fabrication minimizing deflection and crowning issues
  • Extremely rigid upper beam for minimum deflection
  • Machine is flush floor mounted; no pit required
  • Multiple hard-chromed cylinder system
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Deep gaps inside frames for bending longer lengths with larger flanges
  • Quick approach and return speeds
  • The parallelism between moving upper beam and fixed lower beam during descent and ascent is ensured by two servo-valves electrically controlled by DNC (axes Y1 and Y2)
  • Two linear encoders located on each end of the upper beam make the measuring of the ram position. As the reference is always measured in relation to the bed, the ram position on bending depth is independent from the work length
  • Slow approach in manual mode for tool alignment
  • Upper moving beam guided at four points with adjustable gibbs made of self-lubricated material and with maintenance free bearings
  • Easy adjustment of the bending depth under load over the plate being bent, with programming in 0.0004" (0.01 mm) increments. The figure reached with the adjustment is easily entered into the computer tech
  • Adjustable stroke of hydraulic cylinders for maximum machine and tool flexibility
  • Choice of a narrow or wide bed bolted to the lower beam to allow flexibility with tooling
  • Fast cycle time/quick approach and return speeds
  • Hydraulic drive system, designed by Rexroth, complete with hydraulic fluid
  • Three modes of operation - Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic
  • Ergonomically designed control panel for more convenient operator access
  • Motor and controls. Electrics for 3/60/220/440. Low voltage at the controls.
  • Emergency stop palm button on foot pedal assembly.
  • Key-lock switch for ON/OFF for the power supply and for selector of modes of operation.
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • One instruction manual, one programming manual, one operation and service manual
  • X-Axis (Programming of flange dimension/back gauge position):
  • Back gauge travel - 29"
  • Back gauge travel speed - 23.63"/second
  • Back gauge stops each have two positions for gauging (consult factory)
  • Y-Axes (Y1/Y2) Programming of the ram position including tiling for tapered bends (cones), and X
  • Manual R axis
  • One set of adjustable punch holders which will hold both American and European style forming punches. These punch holders allow the operator to crown the upper punch to compensate for deflection or tooling wear and provide greater flexibility when forming boxes and panels.
  • 4 way die with a segmented gooseneck punch.
  • SAFETY: Comprehensive press brake operator training programs, which include safety instructions, are your best protection against employee injury which, in addition to the human cost of bodily injury and poor moral, significantly increase your operating expenses. However, operator safety programs must be supplemented by press brakes, which are safe to operate. PRIMELINE press brakes have been designed with the operator's safety in mind. PRIMELINE press brakes offer ADDITIONAL FEATURES, which can be purchased to enhance the safety of your operators. See Safety options listed in options.
  • ESA 630: The powerful ESA 630 offers an interactive 2D editor and display in a 10” user-friendly touch screen that makes controlling your press brake a breeze. It is ESA's standard entry level touch screen controller and is suitable for simple folding of small to large scale production. It manages up to five axes in any combination. As standard you get one offline software license which enables you to program and optimize jobs from the office without disturbing production.


  • ESA 630 Graphic CNC
  • Y1, Y 2
  • CNC Crowing
  • Laser Guards
  • Full length precision ground punch and 4 way V die Segmented and 4 way / Single V Die holder 29” Backgauge, highspeed servo    


  • On site training - add $5,950.00

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Stock NumberS200B12
Capacity200 Tons
Working Length145.73"
Distance between housings126.03"
Adjustable stroke10.24"
Maximum open height (without punch holders)18.31"
Throat (gap)15.75"
Three working speeds: Quick Approach5.67"/second
Three working speeds: Bending0.47"/second
Three working speeds: Reverse5.67"/second
Motor (HP)20 HP
Voltage480V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Approximate Dimensions200" L x 110" W x 105" H
Approximate Weight21,780 lbs.