SAWTRAX 2000 Series Vertical Panel Saws

SAWTRAX 2000 Series Vertical Panel Saws


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SAWTRAX 2000 Series 52" - 76" Vertical Panel Saws 

  • 2000 Series Makita Hypoid Vertical Panel Saw
  • Full Size Industrial Panel Saw with Makita Hypoid/Worm Drive Type Saw
  • When you have sawing to do, and A LOT of it, the 2000 series of vertical panel saws is the panel saw for you. This is the "tank" of the panel saw line with beefed up features for the most demanding jobs. Designed for industrial operations of cutting 50 or more sheets a week, the 2000 Series Vertical Panel Saw can be called on to get the job done. The hypoid Makita saw is basically a maintenance free worm drive saw that doesn't need to have the gear box oil changed.
  • The 2000 series is the workhorse of our vertical panel saw line. It uses steel sleeves over the plastic rollers (like a bullet proof vest) to prevent damage to the rollers from dropping heavy sheets of material on them. A push button Safety Switch is used on our modified Makita 7.25" Hypoid saw (because the handle is removed). The hypoid has replaced the old technology of the worm drive skill saw being used on other panel saws. The problem with the worm drive is that is uses oil in a gear box (like your car) to cool the gears and remove metal fragments. The problem with it on a panel saw, the saw is always tilted at 75 degrees so the oil isn’t properly bathing/cooling the gears and very few people actually change the oil, let alone even know the oil needs to be changed periodically. Kind of like driving your car and never changing the oil in it. The Hypoid was designed to give the power of a worm drive but with different materials and gearing mesh cogs so there is no need for oil making it virtually maintenance free.
  • The 2000 series has the same accessory package as the Varsity and 1000 series including a factory attached folding stand, factory attached frame wheels, spinning insert, an outstanding dust collection package, rip pointers, left and right tapes with a stop that has a strip bar attached.
  • Cut Accuracy of 1/64”
  • Frame Never Goes Out of Square
  • Smooth Repetitive Carriage Movement
  • Ten Second Tool Swap
  • Mobility with Folding Stand and Wheels
  • Outstanding Dust Evacuation System
  • Minimal Set Up Time
  • Rip Cut in Either Direction
  • Utilize Stop Block on Left or Right
  • Saw Cover Blade Window with Light


  • Floating Router Insert Plate
  • OLFA Pivoting Knife Insert Plate
  • Spring Hold Down
  • ACM Rolling Shear Insert Plate
  • Sheet Clamp
  • Full Builder’s Extensions
  • Coiled Extension Cord
  • Full Mid-Fence
  • Frame Dust Collection
  • Laser Guide
  • Flip Stop System


  • 2052: 52" Cross Cut - Full Size $4,511.55
  • 2064: 64" Cross Cut - Full Size $4,711.05
  • 2076: 76" Cross Cut - Full Size $4,910.55

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ManufacturerSaw Trax
Stock Number2052
Material Rollers - Plastic18"
Maximum Cross Cut52" (2052) / 64" (2064) / 76" (2076)
Maximum Rip CutUnlimited
Maximum Cut Thickness1-3/4"
Saw Blade Diameter7-1/4"
Arbor Diameter5/8"
Saw Motor, Makita 5007F15 amp - 120V
Frame Height (set up)78" (2052) / 90" (2064) / 102" (2076)
Frame Width (set up)122"
Frame Depth-Stand closed with Saw15"
Frame Depth-Stand open40"
Shipping Weight440 lbs. (2052) / 480 lbs. (2064) / 490 bls. (2076)