ERBEND 126" (10') x 16 ga. CNC Folder MFC 3215

ERBEND 126" (10') x 16 ga. CNC Folder MFC 3215

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ERBEND 126" (10') x 16 ga. CNC Folder MFC 3215

  • Erbend is a new option of sheet metal folding equipment to the metal fabrication marketplace in North America. These machines feature advanced technology, a sleek design and easy operation, making Erbend an incomparable folding machine.
  • Manual mechanical crowning system
  • AC motorized drive X,Y, Z, C-Axis (clamping, folding, back gauge, clamp rotate)
  • 15.6” Touchscreen ERFOLD BASIC CNC line by line and 2D software control
  • Flat rail bottom beam tool for feather groves
  • COMBI clamping beam with 2 tool stations
  • Clamping beam open height 160mm (without tools)
  • 90mm high goats foot tools on station 1
  • R1 or 20 deg. sharp nose clamping beam tools on station 2
  • Folding beam tools 2 sets: 15mm & 25mm
  • Manual folding beam adjustment 1.37” (35mm) (A-Axis)
  • 6-1000mm motorized back gauge + sheet support table with ball casters
  • Front Horizontal light barriers
  • LED Function Lights (red, green, and blue)
  • 3 switch foot pedal


  • Set up and training (2 days)
  • Motorized A-Axis (folding beam)
  • ERFOLD Advanced 3D graphical control
  • Advanced 3D offline for PC
  • Advanced 3D offline for PC including step/IGS import function (3D control only)
  • 1500 motorized back gauge with arms and sheet support table with ball casters
  • 2000 motorized back gauge with arms and sheet support table with ball casters
  • L shaped backgauge (1m + 3m)
  • U shaped backgauge (3m + 1m + 3m)
  • Brush table type upgrade
  • Stainless table type upgrade
  • (39") 1000mm Back Gauge
  • (59") 1500mm Back Gauge
  • L Shape Sheet Support
  • U Shape Sheet Support
  • Segmented goats foot tools (2"/60mm)
  • Segmented goats foot tools (3.5"/90mm)

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WARRANTY: 1 YEAR – Parts  


ModelMFC 3215
Stock NumberMFC 3215
Max sheet length10.49 ft
Max Thickness Capacity Full Length16g (2mm, 0.078") Steel
Mild sheet16 g (1.5mm, 0.10”)
Stainless20 g (1mm, 0.06”)
Aluminium12 g (2.5mm, 0.14”)
CLAMPING BEAM (Z-AXIS) Opening Height (No tools)4.72 in (120 mm)
Clamping Speed2.75 in/sec
FOLDING BEAM (Y-AXIS) Drive Power (AC motor w/encoder)2 HP
Folding Speed75°/sec
Adjustment Height1.38” (35 mm)
BACK GAUGE SYSTEM (X-AXIS) Drive Power (AC motor w/encoder)0.5 HP (400 watts)
Min/Max Gauging0.024” / 29.53” (6 mm / 750 mm)
Machine Dimensions(W x L x H): 53.15” / 165.35” / 66.93"
Machine Weight4,739 lbs.